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August 3, 2014
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September 16, 2014
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No More Reality!?


Welcome to the beginning of the beginning…or as R.E.M. said back in the 80’s, ‘Let’s begin again.’  The 30th of August marked the newest iteration of The Cameron Mills Show with a new channel – Fox Sports 1580 – a new time (10am – 12pm) and a greater desire to entertain and escape from the reality that has become what we – Cameron and I – believe to be what weekend ‘sports talk’ shows are about.

Our main focus isn’t just that we’re reporting, postulating  or hypothesizing the ‘dribble drive’, the ‘air raid’ or the need for the NCAA to blow up shop and give power to the people.  Our main focus is that we have FUN – fun for you, fun for me, fun for our parents – FUN.

So while we still live in the real world where things go bump in the night and NFL players abuse their family members. We are going to attempt to entertain ourselves while entertaining you and whoever else comes along to listen, read or comment on how much they wish we had never been born.

Hopefully we will be able to continue to get top flight guests – Jay Bilas, Bob Ryan, Pat Forde, Freddie Maggard, Tim Couch, Jeff Piecoro et al…along with dreamy guest co-hosts – Ed Berry,Jr, Max Godby, Lauren Ashley Pope – to make the experience as much of an escape from y(our) reality as possible.

Now that my ground rules have been laid (in a very loose fashion), let the show begin.  I wish I knew Bill Cosby.

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