Max Godby Earns AFCA Good Works Team Honor
September 23, 2014
Godby Named to AllState AFCA Good Works Team
September 24, 2014
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Real people. Real faces. Real Hands.

One of my favorite stories about Mother Theresa is when a reporter from the United States had called her for an interview.  The reporter asked many questions about what Mother Theresa thought about India and the poor that she worked with in Calcutta. She asked her about her childhood and her family.  Then finally, as the interview was coming to a close the reporter asked, “What is it about these people and why are you there in India and not somewhere more important  making a greater difference?”

Mother Theresa paused for a moment and said, “Come and see.”

Today at the The Community Inn in Lexington, KY I was able to ‘go and see’ what Mother Theresa was talking about.

In a meeting room packed with mostly those from Lexington’s homeless and transient community, The Cameron Mills Show’s adopted son, Max Godby was presented with the honor of being named to the Allstate AFCA  All Good Works Team.  The Good Works Team consists of only 12 Football Bowl Subdivision players that are superlatives and positively impact the lives of others.  In Max’s case it is for the love and concern he gives to Lexington’s homeless.


The Community Inn Lexington, KY

The Community Inn Lexington, KY

When Max arrived today at the Community Inn, under the impression he was just going there to speak and serve, he was surprised by his parents, Head Coach Mark Stoops, AD Mitch Barnhart, and a representative from Allstate who presented him with the award.

After the presentation, when the media began to clamor for photo opportunities and sound bytes for their stories, the bustle of the busy crowd began to overrun the room.  And what could have become to those who were there to be served – another use of their plight as a prop – I witnessed why Max Godby is the REAL DEAL.  When everyone wanted to recognize him, he wanted to recognize others.


Max signs autograph for young boy.

Max signs autograph for young boy.

  • A young boy underneath all of frenzy wanted an autograph from Max.  He stopped the ‘circus’ bent down and gave the young man his signature.
  • When all the media/TV crews were in the back room wanting their private interview time, Max was praying with a young mother and another shelter director for the woman and the woman’s son.
Max prays with shelter worker and mother.

Max prays with shelter worker and mother.

There are easily another handful of examples that I witnessed while watching this honor being given to Max Godby. And there are many other examples to choose from – leading groups for tornado relief, working at Gods Pantry, volunteering to help make blankets for UK Children’s Hospital…He gets it.  Whether it be the poor, indigent, and disenfranchised of Lexington, KY or the poor, indigent, and disenfranchised of Calcutta – whatever you do for the least of these you do for Jesus.




In another interview with Time Magazine, Mother Theresa was asked, “What is God’s greatest gift to you?”  Her response was simply, “The Poor.”  When asked how that could be she immediately said, “I have the opportunity to be with Jesus 24 hours a day.”

Max Godby hasn’t just heard about the needs around him. No, instead of just hearing, he ‘went and saw’. And so did Allstate and the AFCA – and so did I and now so did you.

Max with Momma and Daddy Godby.

Max with Momma and Daddy Godby.


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