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Do Your Job: Be Faithful in the Little Things

Do Your Job: Be Faithful in the Little Things

By: Max Godby

“Do your job.” Coach Stoops drove this point home throughout fall training camp and continues daily to drive home that point throughout the season. “Accept the role you have been given and be faithful with it” is one of his philosophies for success; every player on the team doing his job. With well over one hundred players on the roster for UK Football, the job of each individual differs. When it comes to each player’s role on the team, we are all different. My role as an Offensive Lineman is to block, protect and make holes. My job on Punt is to protect Landon Foster, our Punter. My job is not to throw a football; that is Pat’s job. My job is not to run the ball; that is Braylon and Jo Jo’s. My job is not to kick the ball; that’s Austin’s and Landon’s job. I don’t need to be concerned with anyone else’s job on the team but mine because I have faith that everyone else will do what he is supposed to do. Everyone on the team has one job in common—to do his own job.

Aaron Hogue, our Team Chaplain, delivers a sermon every Sunday during fall camp. Aaron has a “Kentucky boy” twang with a soft spoken voice that can speak disarming truth, yet the whole team remains receptive. If you ask him what his job is, he will probably respond, “My job is to do life with these players.” He is faithful in his job. At one of the chapels during camp, he preached on David, the King of Israel. This is the same David that killed the giant, Goliath, the same David that was a war hero for the nation of Israel. However, before he was King, before he became a great warrior and before he even stood toe to toe with Goliath, he had only one job—to watch over his father’s sheep. Can you imagine what a boring job that had to be? Not only that, David’s father told him to deliver bread and cheese to his brothers who were off to war. David could have easily said, “No, Dad! I’m better than that. I can do so much more.” David remained faithful watching sheep. He then was faithful when he delivered bread and cheese to his brothers and encountered Goliath.  The rest is history.

While Aaron told us this story, he paused and then said, “God blesses those who are faithful with just bread and cheese to do amazing things.” This means that when we are faithful with the small roles in life, and continue to do our best, He gives us the opportunity to do amazing things.  Wherever we are in life right now, whatever job has been entrusted to us, let us be faithful in it. It may not be the most ideal situation or full of excitement, but who knows what will happen if that situation is met with faithfulness and diligence.

I witnessed an amazing moment in Kentucky Football history. I saw faithful players doing their jobs. Diligence and faithfulness through a rough 2013 season, strenuous winter workouts, intense summer workouts and a seemingly never-ending fall camp won that game last Saturday.

Imagine what might be accomplished if, every day, we accept our role, whatever it may be, and are faithful in it—quite simply, “Do your job.”


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