What Happens When You Make 24,000 People Wait Six Months For Something…

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October 10, 2014
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October 18, 2014
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What Happens When You Make 24,000 People Wait Six Months For Something…





To those who understand its nirvana – to those who don’t it’s contempt. This became the best explanation that I could conjure up to describe Big Blue Madness and the emotions that surround the insanity that is Big Blue Nation (BBN).

There are characters dressed as Spiderman, children with their face painted blue and white, college students wearing their favorite players jersey, LED glasses/bracelets/hair-bows…there are fuzzy furry hats and iphones everywhere – snapping pictures and filming what has become one of the craziest spectacles in all of sport…did I just write that it is a spectacle of sport? I meant to write this is Vatican City and I (along with 24,000 other parishoners) are in St. Adolphus Calipari’s Basilica worshiping and recieving redemption in the form of sweet basketball blessings.

So – for those of you who understand, enjoy…look at the pictures, watch the videos, dance to Drake and slap high fives with everyone else who gets it…IT’S TIME!!!

And for those who have contempt – just keep on hating. Because we have eight banners and…we don’t like you either.

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  1. Terri Phillips says:

    Hey Cameron!!! You are so right about Midnight Madness. I was also one of those crazy fans there last night. Love the cats always have and always will. I’m sure so many memories flash back to you when you walk into Rupp Arena. I can not imagine the thrill of it. Hope all is well with you miss seeing you. I am back in Nicholasville as DON. I so happy and blessed to be part of the LHC family. Come see us if you ever get our way. Take care of yourself. I do follow you on Facebook. Terri

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