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Killing It…Over and Over Again…

Killing it...

Killing it…

You may have seen her on a billboard or a feature poster in the mall. She says that she wants to go to Bora Bora…Bora Bora, hmmm. Lauren O’ Connor who went into Sunday’s LSU game with 253.0 points (#2 on the team) says if she had one bucket list item it would be to travel to Bora Bora.

I wonder if she would be stopped at customs..? If Homeland Security looked into her background and saw that she had over 1000 kills (1048 and counting) would they stop her and ask if she was an assassin.

Lauren O’Conner is from Taylor Mill, KY. She went to Scott HS and saw her older sister play high school and club volleyball then decided that she would leave the hardwood of the basketball court and dedicate herself to becoming an assassin – a KILLER on the volleyball court. Lauren was the first player in the history of Scott to notch over 1000 kills and holds records in most all other measured categories. After a stellar high school career (including 430 kills her junior year/being named Cincinnati-NKY Player of the Year twice) and national recruitment from other schools, ‘Special Agent’ O’Conner decided/validated her dream and signed with Coach Craig Skinner and the University of KY…

You see for Special Agent (SA) Lauren O’Conner, knowing her mission and choosing to accept it has been a fantastic journey. Constantly saying that her primary goal in life is to seize every moment…her life has been one example after another of ‘seizing every moment’. After earning starting time from the moment she joined UK, her list of accomplishments and accolades have continued to accumulate. She will not only leave as one of the top attacker’s in school history, but SA O’Conner has been a top performer in the classroom too, with three straight years as a SEC All-Academic Team selection.

When considering her greatest moments as a left-side sniper, Lauren was quick to say the road victory over Tennessee her sophomore year would have been one of those defining moments. Down 0-2, the Cats came roaring back and won three straight sets in a fashion of 25-14, 25-22, and 15-5. It was a match that, in the words of Coach Skinner, was ‘literally willed to win.’ And yes, (Soph) SA O’Conner had 12 kills…It wasn’t the fact that she had the second most kills that night that made the game such a great moment. In fact, for SA Lauren O’Conner it’s not about individual achievements that make her ‘greatest hits’ her ‘greatest hits’. It’s all about the moment – or better yet, it’s all about the shared moment.

This is what makes SA Lauren O’Conner the best kind of asset any team or program could have. She plays like a stealth assassin. She’s not looking for individual glory but values the accomplishment of the team. She has realized that the kills (and that’s a record setting number of kills) will come if her core value is ‘for the good of the team.’

SA Lauren O’Conner is a senior majoring in marketing and communications. She is a prolific attacker from the left side or the right – even marking facials from the middle. She is a four year starter who has had a billboard on Broadway, a forever shareable cultural experience in Shanghai, and enough kills to make the Commander of Seal Team Six take notice. I think she’ll make it to Bora Bora or wherever else she wants to go…and she’ll probably slide right through customs. Because she really is a Special Agent.

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