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One Quick NBA Question


When March Madness concludes I transition right on into the final few regular season games in the NBA as well as the impending NBA Playoffs. Some wrap up their basketball viewing whenever Kentucky plays their last game. Some of you may be gravitating more toward the NBA now since so many former UK guys are now playing in the NBA.

If the season ended this very second Nazr Mohammed, Chuck Hayes, Patrick Patterson, John Wall, James Young, Terrence Jones, Rajon Rondo and Anthony Davis would all be participants in this year’s playoffs.

If the Oklahoma City Thunder overtake the New Orleans Pelicans for the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference then Enes Kanter would get to taste the postseason. Add the prospect of the seven young men from the 2014-15 team who just declared and the reasons to watch the NBA continue to increase.

Now my quick NBA question focuses on Golden Sate Warriors guard Stephen Curry. It’s more of a poll in which there’s no wrong answer. It’s purely about your opinion and what you prefer. Curry has made tons of insane jaw-dropping plays this season and may very well be the MVP of the league.

A little bit of time has passed since these two great plays have occurred but I just wondered which one was more impressive? Unfortunately for them, the Los Angeles Clippers are the victims in each of these plays.

You have to watch it multiple times to really make sure you take in everything he did with the dribble in the sequence. Unreal!

Then there’s this gem that he unleased on Chris Paul.

He was short and sweet on this with the nasty double behind the back dribbles that shook Paul right off of his center of gravity.

The thing about Curry is that he completed both plays by making the shot. You can find videos of best ankle breakers compiled all over the internet. Sometimes the shot that follows the phenomenal move is cut out because the player missed it. Not so for Curry. The shot was probably the easiest of all for him in both of those plays after he did all the high degree of difficulty stuff.

If forced to choose I would take the play where he weaves through the Clippers and hits the three-pointer as the most impressive. Again, you can’t go wrong with either one.

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