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April 13, 2015
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College basketball has officially ended and the speculation and expectations for the 2015-12016 season has already begun. National media members have posted their preseason rankings as coaching spots are still being filled. Fans search social media frantically hoping to find the latest on the remaining uncommitted top recruits from the Class of 2015.

Over the next few weeks these young men will be making the most important decision of their young lives. The path they choose will be the beginning of their journey to fulfill their dreams. Coaching staffs, location, family and playing style are just a few of the variables they will have to consider. Personally I cannot imagine being 18 years of age and having to make such a life decision.

Stephen Zimmerman a resident of Las Vegas has narrowed his list of schools to: Kentucky, UCLA, Arizona, Kansas and UNLV. The UNLV fan base would love to have Stephen stay home and help take the Running Rebels to the next level. They have hosted “pack the house for Zimm” nights and showed up in force to cheer for his high school team in hopes of persuading him to stay close to home.

I had the opportunity to spend time with Stephen and his mother Lori during a tournament in West Virginia. Lori has raised a humble, polite and exceptional young man. She has managed to keep as much of the “clutter” as possible out of his life. He is not treated special at home. He has chores, follows rules and takes out the garbage just like his other siblings. He is a young man who has a huge decision to make. A decision he will make on his own. His parents will offer advice and give their opinion but ultimately he will rely on his heart and head to make to right choice. I do know that whatever school he chooses he will give 110%

Kentucky fans should remember the recruitment of Damion Harris. The BBN packed the stands at his high school games and he was at rock star status in the state. Damion narrowed his choice to three schools, Kentucky, Alabama and Ohio State. Coach Sabon flew in on a private jet a few days before his signing date and Mark Stoops landed a helicopter during one of his high school games to show their support. Damian chose Alabama much to the dismay of the UK faithful. He chose to reload instead of rebuild.

The uncommitted recruits will make their decisions when they are ready. Fan bases can only “guess” as to which school they will choose. Until that time fans will have to sit patiently and wait. Over the next few months rosters will be complete and the countdown to October will begin. So until then we must wait…













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