An Open Letter to Coach Calipari, Dakari Johnson & Big Blue Nation…

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May 1, 2015
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An Open Letter to Coach Calipari, Dakari Johnson & Big Blue Nation…

By Derek Anderson

First let me apologize to Dakari Johnson if he felt offended by my example of what I meant for players to stay in school is more important than rushing to the NBA. I want the best for EVERY player and person on this earth so my intent was to hopefully bring the awareness of what could happen. I want to apologize to Coach Cal if I offended him as my comments where my opinion in which ALL UK fans and people have made in which they where not meant to be taken personal like some people chose to do.

I Love UK to the bone and have been there thru the bad and good times because we are a family. When Noel got hurt, I came! When Alex got hurt, I came! Coach ask me to speak to team, I came! I was speaking my opinion about why “I” thought we lost the last two seasons and it came out harsh in which I apologize for that.  But for people to attack my character is not something I take lightly as I am human and make mistakes. This message is to those that love UK like me, I was wrong and I’m moving on by supporting BBN as always. But if you have a problem with me, then don’t expect me to be kind to you in return. This is a sport and not a place to defame a man’s character in which I never once disrespected anyone’s character.
When coach yells at his players and tells them they played bad in front of BBN, I did the same and again, it wasn’t the right thing to do on my part. But NEVER will I allow others to attack me as a Man!

I am truly greatful for all the love and support from the University of Kentucky, BBN, and alumni.
I am True Blue always!!! #BBN4Life




  1. Bob Lowery says:

    i thought your comments were out of line. I think your apology and clarification are amazing. Doesn’t take much of a man to criticize, but takes BIG man to apologize. Thanks for being the big man!

  2. James smith says:

    I can understand the way you feel derrick I have been a Big Blue fan all my life and I am not a fan of a new team each year one year you get the 5 stars and the next year you don’t I remember very well the year we lost in the NIT the first round I hope that never happends again but I can’t blame coach cal for the way it has become he is doing the best he can I know that he works extremely hard at recruiting and coaching but then again that’s why he gets paid the Big Bucks I’m afraid that the game of basketball as we used to know an loved is all a thing in the past as now it is all about the all mighty dollar guys wanting to get paid and bling bling so I write to tell you mr. Anderson I understand the way you feal as I do also I hope it changes

  3. Joe H says:

    I personally don’t know DA. I met him before good guy one the best wildcats. He made a few good points. No way we should have lost those last 2 tournament games. He was right we should have pressured UConn their guards did what they want. Coach Cal still good with him and our players we have been hardest team to beat. Dont be mad at DA I know he got a solid rep. Hes real

  4. Danielle McGeorge says:

    DA my all time favorite. When Noel got hurt I felt I was watching you all over my heart sank same with Alex. One and done I get it. Better your family get $ there possibly never was BUT greed will catch most of these young men. Staying for 4 years take the chance of injury yes but graduating lasts a lifetime. BBN will always stand behind you. No worries, you are a good man.

  5. Shirley says:

    I agree with everything Mr. Lowery said! But you are still one of my favorites.

  6. Sharon Johnson says:

    Once a Wildcat always a Wildcat thus we will always love you! It takes a man to step up and clarify your thoughts. Bottom line NBA needs to change the one and done rule. Still I would have wanted Wall, Cousins, Davis, MKG, Randall, Towns on our team even it if was for just a year.

    You’re a good man..try to ignore the idiots. All schools have those fans who are unrealistic and over emotional. Most know you love #bbn and for those who don’t and attack your character…Well..just tell them what I tell people like that.. “Bite me!”

  7. Larry Ellis says:

    Enough said. Like Cameron has said I will take where our program is. I wish the best for all those who declared. They are wildcats and part of BBN. I took derricks comments in the context of his affection for the program. I appreciate the good times he gave me and I love him as part of BBN. I have been a fan all my life and I am 61. Most envy our success as the gold standard we are. Onward by all means. BBN rules and I am thankful to have been a part of it!

  8. Lynn Pierce says:

    Thanks for being a part of BBN Derek !

  9. Jeri V says:

    True competitors are never happy with second place. While some teams would be thrilled to just be in the final game, Kentucky is not most teams. I’m sure we have all had our opinions about what should have happened or what could have happened. But unlike the fans, DA once played at KY. He knows the pressure. He understands the demands of the fans. He knows he was a better player for staying in college. His opinion is valid. Now, he clarifies his intent & that should be enough. While we, as fans, consider ourselves a part of the BBN, the core of the BBN is current & former players. I’ll always love DA for his time at Kentucky.

    Can we move on now?

  10. Linda Sarrett says:

    How anyone could attack your character, I don’t know. Your opinions are your opinions, I don’t agree but that’s ok. However, I think the forum was the issue – you have to know the “members” of the media that are just out to get us. Thanks for the apology to Dakari and Coach. Once a CAT always CAT. Let’s move on. Love you DA

  11. Dennis says:

    While I appreciate your apology, you will never make me believe you did not know you were on a UofL talk show. You live in Louisville. You follow sports. I’m calling BS. If you’re going to apologize then at least admit the truth. Let’s move on.

  12. DL Sweat says:

    I love DA. Always has been my favorite player. Loved his smile and still do. He has a right to his opinions although I strongly disagree on most regarding this. I really wish he hadn’t done this on the Louisville forum because the host as well as Billy Reed were eating this up. It just added more fuel to the fire.. Everyone makes mistakes and we should move on. Thanks for all you do DA.

  13. Martha says:

    I hate it when people apologize only if people are offended. Why not just assume they are offended and apologize. Say I’m sorry the end.

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