Targeting John Calipari: Finally, A Smart Move By the Sacramento Kings

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June 30, 2015
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July 2, 2015
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Targeting John Calipari: Finally, A Smart Move By the Sacramento Kings

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If you haven’t heard about the Sacramento Kings’ soap opera between head coach George Karl and star center DeMarcus Cousins I’m not even going to bother asking you where you’ve been. I’m just going to say give it a minute and you’ll hear some news about it. Now John Calipari’s name has been floated into the mix as the Kings reportedly expressed interest in seeing if he would be inclined to replace Karl if they are somehow able to show him the door.

Outside of the Vlade Divac (now a Kings executive) and Chris Webber years the Kings have been notorious for tripping all over themselves as a franchise. However, they are even outdoing themselves right now. George Karl has made no bones about the fact that he wants to move Cousins, one of the best big men in the NBA as we all know.

Something a lot of us didn’t know is that George Karl has a history of throwing shade (hating, if you will) at former UK big men. As Dick Gabriel, host of Big Blue Insider explained on his show on Wednesday June 23. When you hear this it just shows that history is repeating itself as far as George Karl is concerned.

Herein lies the quandary, Kings owner Vivek Ranadive wants to keep DeMarcus and George Karl’s antics are getting on his nerves.

Ah, but this is what the Kings do, make a mockery of themselves. Trading Cousins makes them look silly. Hiring Karl only to terminate him so quickly looks pitiful as well. Hastily firing Mike Malone is what started all of this in the first place.

These events are what led Sacramento to kick, even if softly, the tires on Cal. Or leak the rumor or whatever.

It didn’t take Cal long to get on Twitter and blast the chatter that he was looking to be the head man in SacTown.

Now let’s break these tweets down for a second. You have the typical coach speak: best job in the world, not going anywhere that you would expect. However Cal goes a couple steps further this time. He drops some parent speak in there too. If you’re a parent you know, if you don’t have kids think back to your childhood when things like this were uttered at you.

“For the 100th time.” That is straight out of the Parenting 101 handbook, it makes it known to all that frustration is clearly building. Is there a tinge of exaggeration to this parental phrase? Yes. If the previous 99 warnings had fallen on literal deaf ears no doubt a different form of discipline would have been sought out by now but I digress. This phrase is synonymous with “if I’ve told you once I’ve told you 100 times”. The number 1,000 can be inserted here as well. It’s strictly up to the parent and the situation.

Notice the second tweet: “I WILL BE AT KENTUCKY”. Cal went all caps, yelling at everybody. Translation: I’m getting sick and tired of fooling with y’all! Stop messing with me people!

This rumor looked like Kansas after Kentucky dismantled them 72-40 or UCLA trudging to the locker room on the wrong end of a 41-7 halftime deficit.

So how was this a good move for the Kings again?

This rumor was as short-lived as they come. Cal put it out of its misery quickly. Yet it still took the eyes of the entire basketball world off of the train wreck that is the Sacramento Kings. It lessened the glare even if only ever so briefly. Let’s face it, the Kings are welcoming any shred of relief and competent help that comes their way at this point.

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