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The New, Fun Commonwealth

By Johnny Pittman

People, parachutes and pyrotechnics, preceded by the purposeful practice of partying with perspiration and promises of pleasant partaking with your posse. (That’s called alliteration, folks.)

This is not to mention that on the second play from scrimmage, the ‘Boom’ came down. He came 75 yards down the middle of the field with the capacity crowd roaring like a seashell echoing on a windy day.


This is the kind of day that causes you to remember.

The late 1970’s were spectacular times to be a UK Wildcat fan – the men’s basketball team was winning (NCAA Finals 1975/1978 National Champs). Rupp Arena was in its infancy and CWS had just been introduced as the home of the football Wildcats.

Fran Curci was a young gun head football coach, that had come to UK by way of Miami. Coach Curci was a fast worker who turned the UK program within 3 years and in 1976 finished with a record of 9-3 with the regular season SEC title as well as Peach Bowl Champions.

Yes, those were the days and if we are careful and pay attention – the prosperity of the past will be repeated.

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