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October 17, 2015
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October 25, 2015
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The Madness Has Begun

The definition of Big Blue Madness: The gathering of more than 23,000 fans to watch the first practice of the yeaThe definition of Big Blue Mr for the Kentucky Hoops and Kentucky Mens Basketball Team.

The history of Big Blue Madness: The event was started over thirty years ago when Coach Joe B. Hall opened the first practice of the year to the public. The event started at midnight and Memorial Coliseum was filled to capacity every year. The event was moved to Rupp Arena 11 years ago to allow more fans to attend and

How to get tickets to the event: Persons must be willing to camp out for up to five days or be able to login in to Ticketmaster on three computers simultaneously as the event annually sells out within 30 minutes.

Where can I watch the event? Local programming will devote 1-1/2 hours of coverage prior to start. Full coverage can be seen on ESPN or SEC Network.

If someone was to read the above and was not a basketball fan they would think: “Those people are crazy.” Yes… we are.

Big Blue Madness did not disappoint Friday night. Seats were filled with fans from across the state (and nation) to get a glimpse of 2015-2016 teams.

Coach Mitchell performing the Nae Nae dance was almost as entertaining as watching sports writers google Nae Nae to figure out the proper spelling.

The court at Rupp transforming into a huge projection screen is a sight a fan will never forget. I have watched this several times on television and it does not come close to experiencing it in person.

Fireworks and music blaring as each player was introduced to the capacity crowd did not disappoint. Dominique Hawkins won the dance off and the new trend seemed to be throwing a basketball into the crowd.

Alex Poythress was the last CAT to be introduced. He made his way to the end of the stage as the crowd roared. His arms in the air as he stood before the Big Blue Nation. He savored in the moment longer than his teammates. He has been here before and it was his moment to enjoy.

Coach Cal was his usual self, doing what he does best, selling the program to the recruits (who were ushered in after the lights went down.) Coach Cal tends to have a pet word or phrase every year. I predict this year it will be “Carnegie Hall.” Watch for it!

The crowd settled into their seats as the 3 on 3 scrimmage assembled. Occasionally a GO BIG BLUE or CATS cheer could be heard. The 5 on 5 scrimmage gave the team a chance to show off some dunking skills.

Big Blue Madness allows fans who are not season ticket holders to have a basketball experience at Rupp. They can cheer for the CATS, eat the famous ice cream and be a part of the new season.

I stayed at Rupp as long as possible. This was my first Big Blue Madness and I didn’t want to miss a thing.

Yep, this actually happened!

A selfie/photo bomb with DeMarcus Cousins.


The Madness has begun!

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