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October 17, 2015
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October 28, 2015
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A Great American Meets a Hall of Famer

When I met John Short last year he had one wish,  “I would love to meet John Calipari.”

It has a taken a year but today it happened.

Prior to the beginning of the Women’s Clinic John Short got his wish granted.

John posed for pictures and waved to the attendees as they yelled his name. “I didn’t know that many people knew who I was?”

Thanks to the kindness of a group of ladies waiting in line for Cal’s autograph, John was moved to the front.

The conversation went like this:

Cal: “Are you THE John Short?”

John: “Yes, I am.”

Cal: “What about all these women and me and you?”

John:  “Well, alrighty then.”

The kindness in Cal’s eyes and the smile on John’s face was enough to bring tears to the eyes of those watching.

Special thanks to DeWayne Peevey, Eric Lindsay and Cameron Mills Radio for making this happen.


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