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Jordan Smith Went Coast to Coast On The Voice

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One minute and nine seconds: that’s how long it took for Jordan Smith to start changing perceptions for the better on The Voice. It actually took 37 seconds because all he needed was one chair (Blake Shelton) to turn, it just took another 32 seconds to get Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine to turn their chairs around.

Over the past three months he’s shown the world a positive view of both Harlan County and southeastern Kentucky.

This is the second time in two years that music has put the region on the map. Jimmy Rose of Pineville, in neighboring Bell County, finished third in America’s Got Talent. 

Once Jordan decided that Adam Levine was the person that he wanted to have as a coach the competition was essentially over. How over was it? Do you remember Vince Carter’s performance in the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest? Do you remember his third dunk?

After his third dunk Vince just mouthed and gestured to the camera that the contest is over. Jordan Smith didn’t do that verbally after any of the songs that he sang on The Voice but his singing did speak for itself.  He was the favorite to win the entire season, the No. 1 seed if you will, and he delivered. He went coast to coast, wire to wire. If you followed the show you had to make sure you were watching when it was his turn to sing

He was appointment television week in and week out.

Speaking of week in and week out, it didn’t matter what he sang either. It could be a Gospel song, a Queen song, a Beyonce’ song, an Adele song or a Julie Andrews song. His range as a singer was only equaled by the wide-ranging variety of songs he was able to sing.

Vince Carter didn’t defeat a bunch of scrubs in the dunk contest. Steve Francis, Jerry Stackhouse or Tracy McGrady could have easily won the event in any other year. Likewise, Emily Ann Roberts, Barrett Baber and Jeffery Austin could have been the best singer in any other season.

Like Vinsanity, Jordan was just on another level each and every time he performed. He never even had the slightest hint of a hiccup. He never forgot any lyrics. Everything was done at a consistently high level.

So congrats to Jordan Smith on handling his business from the blind audition to the finale. He’s made Harlan County and the entire state of Kentucky extremely proud.

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