A Big Blue Christmas Miracle
December 19, 2015
“Be careful what you wish for…you might just get it.”
December 25, 2015
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Twas the Week Before the Battle of the Bluegrass

Ah ,Christmas.  The season of joy, love and giving.  The time for peace on earth, good will toward man.  So it seems a bit odd that this is also “Louisville Hate Week.”  Seriously, how can you look at this picture of former Wildcat, Jamaal Magloire and want to engage in a week filled with hate?

Jamaal spreads some Christmas cheer

Jamaal spreads some Christmas cheer

I suppose, however that it’s nearly impossible to not engage in at least a little of this annual rivalry with a little smack talk.   Toward that end, I submit to you my kinder, gentler version of “Louisville Hate Week” with an obvious Christmas theme:

Twas the week before the Battle of the Bluegrass, when all through the state

Each fan base proclaimed victory and to the other team, much hate.

The DVRs were set, game day apparel laid out

The excitement was growing, of that there was no doubt.

The stats had been presented for all to review

Vegas had updated the odds, now up a point or two.

Talks of homes divided, families split between blue and red

For either to even think of defeat, filled them with dread.

Media and fans each had predictions of the score

The rhetoric kept climbing. We can’t take any more!

On Skal!  On Murray!  On Lee and Matthews!

On Ulis!  On Briscoe! On Poy & Willis, too!

With Humphries and Hawkins and Mulder and more

The Cats were ready to take to the floor.

A week of Camp Cal should help the Blue

Be ready to play defense, rebound & score, too.

Even with Rick’s “best team in 40 years”, these Cats aren’t scared.

Say that again in Rupp, Rick, that is if you dare.

The analysis is done, the picks have been made

All that’s left to do is to just play the game.

But you’ll hear Cal exclaim as he heads out of sight, 

“That’s #L1C8 now, Ricky!  Merry Christmas and good night!”


And a Merry Christmas from all of us here at Cameron Mills Radio!


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Michele Brown
Michele Brown
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