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Larry–Simply The Best


The files are put away. The desk cleared of personal items and the keys are turned in. A few good byes have been spoken.

Larry Vaught closed the door quietly behind him, walking away from a place he called home for 41 years.

I had planned on writing a post about Larry’s career at the Advocate-Messenger but I soon realized reflecting on 41 years would be impossible. The awards are too numerous to mention. The stories too many to recall.

I instead decided to just say thanks not from every local high school sports fan but from every member of the BBN.

Thank you for being honest. Although the truth was not always what fans wanted to hear. The BBN knew you would provide the facts.

Thank you for always being on the sidelines. The weather (no matter how terrible) never dictated your coverage of area high school sports. It was a ritual in this area to wait outside the Advocate Messenger on Saturday night waiting for the paper to be printed. Players, parents and coaches would scan the “sports section” to see Larry’s breakdown of “Friday night’s game.”

Thank you for the personal stories. You not only wrote about the players, you got to know them.

Thank you for your endless hours of working and traveling to provide readers with in-depth coverage of UK sports. Before social media your coverage was our lifeline to the CATS.

Thank you for being my friend. You gave me the opportunity to write, a dream come true for this UK fan.

Take some time to “smell the roses” as you begin this new chapter in your journey.

Thanks again “Boss,” you’re simply the best!



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  1. Johnny says:

    Larry Vaught is a definite KY legend. Having reached the level of professional hack – I can tell you that Larry Vaught brings honor and veracity into everyting in which he is a part. The Danville Advocate isn’t going to be the same. I think they should change the paper’s name to The Paper that Got Rid of Larry Vaught.

    * I think this is probably, as good of opportunity for him to announce his candidacy for President of the United States. He has my vote.

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