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Watch Maravich score 64 vs. Kentucky

Kentucky at LSU February 21, 1970

Years ago for my dad’s 50th birthday we got him video of two of his best games at Kentucky.  Both were against LSU which gave us the added benefit of watching him try to guard Pete Maravich.  It’s highly entertaining whether your dad is being embarrassed defensively or not.  We have lost those videos somehow but someone has kindly put one of the games, or as much as is available on Youtube.  Dad is number 21 and scored 14 this game. Dan Issel is number 44 and scored 51. Kentucky Radio Network color man, Mike Pratt is number 22 and scores 27 on 11-15 shooting. And Maravich is number…honestly you won’t need any help figuring out which one is The Pistol.  He’s the best one on the court. 🙂



Watching the 1970 Kentucky-LSU game with dad.

Watching the 1970 Kentucky-LSU game with dad.

Here is a link to the box score and the game write up in the Courier-Journal by Dick Fenlon.

This was nationally televised game which was Maravich’s final home game at LSU.

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