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Super Bowl Reminiscing


Emmitt Smith finds pay dirt as the Cowboys go on to hand the Bills the last of their four straight Super Bowl defeats. Photo credit: Louis Deluca/The Dallas Morning News

When the weekend draws to a close, the Super Bowl will have been played a half a hundred times. Although this has been the case for a while it is still hard to believe that the number of Super Bowls I remember watching outnumbers the ones that were before my time.

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan it’s cool that my team has won 10% (5) of all the Super Bowl trophies that have ever been presented. The NFC East has won 12 Super Bowls altogether (Cowboys 5, Giants 4 & Redskins 3).

Maybe the Philadelphia Eagles will pull their own weight and contribute one of these days.

The Super Bowl is loved the world over. From the game, to the commercials to the halftime show there’s something for everyone.

No doubt we can all remember the first one we ever watched, where we watched it, the two teams playing as well as the winner.

For me, it’s a two-part answer.


The first Super Bowl I ever watched was Super Bowl XIX between the Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers. I was 7 years old at the time. I remember watching the game, large portions of it anyway.

I was at my grandmother’s house, in her living room in front of the big floor model television. I remember Joe Montana and Dan Marino out there doing their thing but I didn’t know that a championship was on the line. While the game was going on it just seemed like another game. I’m not even sure where my grandfather was at the time and why he wasn’t watching the game or why my mom and I were at my grandmother’s house.

Funny how certain things just stick and your mind and stay with you.

San Francisco won 38-16 by the way.

Super Bowl XX the following year is the one that I count as my first “official” Super Bowl. I knew going in that the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots were battling for all the proverbial marbles.

Da ’85 Bears capped off a dominant season in dominant fashion. They overcame an early deficit, smothered the Patriots, and took the suspense out of the outcome rather quickly. Mike Singletary, Sweetness and “The Fridge” all seemed larger than life back then. Chicago rolled 46-10.

Super Bowl 50 brings the obvious narrative for the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers: the old school vs. new school approaches of Peyton Manning and Cam Newton.

Like the ’85 Bears, Carolina enters the Super Bowl with one lone defeat. Panthers head coach Ron Rivera was a member of that vaunted Bears defense. Cam Newton has had an MVP season.

Peyton Manning has won a Super Bowl and played in two others. If he comes up short again he’ll definitely hear about the inability to deliver in the postseason once again.

Denver’s defense is stout enough to keep them in the game but in the end I think Carolina will be too much. Cam Newton tips things Carolina’s way. He’s just now entering his prime yet you get the sense that he and the Panthers still know that getting to this point is never guaranteed.

Dan Marino only got the Super Bowl once. Steve Young only got there once as a starter. I think Newton and the Panthers make the most of this opportunity and come away with a 26-23 victory. That’s just my two cents worth. Feel free to share your comments and memories of your first Super Bowl in the comments below.

Special thanks again to Mr. Louis DeLuca for the cover photo.

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