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Tyler Ulis’ Laughably Amazing Assist to Turnover Ratio

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Updated February 17, 2016 with ratios of additional Kentucky point guards

Coaches typically want a 3:1 assist/TO ratio from their PG’s. though few ever get it.  Kentucky has had it fair share of talented point guards especially since Calipari has been coach. So let’s look at the A/TO ratio of some of those famous names.

Anthony Epps – 2.8/1
Kyle Macy – 2.4/1
Roger Harden – 2.2/1
Sean Sutton – 2.0/1
Sean Woods – 1.9/1
Dirk Minifield – 1.8/1
Travis Ford – 1.7/1
Marquis Teague – 1.7/1
Ryan Harrow 1.7/1
Andrew Harrison – 1.7/1
Dickie Beal – 1.7/1
Wayne Turner – 1.6/1
John Wall – 1.6/1
Cliff Hawkins – 1.5/1
Ed Davender – 1.4/1
Brandon Knight – 1.2/1
Cameron Mills – 1.1/1

I know you all were wondering what my ratio was so I threw it in at the bottom. 🙂  My blistering ratio was achieved with 53 assists to 47 turnovers.  That’s efficiency, folks.

Amazingly, Tyler Ulis leads this list of Who’s Who of Kentucky point guards with a career ratio of 3.45/1 and a sizzling 3.5/1 for this season.

Video of one of his last four games, Tyler’s 18 point, 11 Assist game vs. Florida Highlights

Even more ridiculously, he is increasing his ratio quickly.  In his last four games Tyler Ulis has 36 assists to just four turnovers.  That’s a laughable 9/1 ratio.

That’s truly ridiculous and I would have thought unattainable for more than one game, let alone four.

There has been a lot of talk about where Tyler ranks among the greatest PG’s in Kentucky’s history. Well, judging from this singular stat alone he’s not only the best, it’s not even close.

Stats for this post came from the best web site for all things Kentucky Basketball –

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