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February 16, 2016
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Breakfast Club: Best Way To Start The Day

Murray takes flight. Photo credit

Murray takes flight. Photo credit

Murray takes flight. Photo credit

The first time I ever remember hearing about a club for breaking the fast was back in the nineties when Michael Jordan and some of his Chicago Bulls teammates got together for workouts before practice when they were dominating the NBA.

Turns out, there was also a movie by the same name that came out in 1985 (I’m not much of a movie guy). I didn’t find out about this picture for a couple of more years.

Scottie Pippen even took the routine with him to Houston and got Charles Barkley to buy in and get in shape late in his career.

More than two decades later the Kentucky Wildcats are doing the same thing. Check out their tweets from earlier today. There’s a pre-workout group picture courtesy of ESPN’s Shannon Spake.

Here’s the fellas in action.

The Kentucky Men’s basketball tweet even took a preemptive tone, notice the fine print (in parentheses). They reminded everyone that it isn’t always the same players that are consistently present or absent on a daily basis.

Why? They know how Big Blue Nation is and can be so they addressed what everyone was thinking before the question could be asked. We all know that Kentucky’s big men have been hit and miss to say the least this season. So they were letting everyone know that had the picture been taken on a different day that some of the bigs may have been present.

On this day class required the bigs’ attention. Marcus Lee’s return to form against South Carolina was a good sign. He wasn’t pictured but if he keeps that level of play up it shows that his hard work is paying off too.

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