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James Hudson lll Interview

James Hudson III is a 4* recruit out of the state of Ohio who is committed to the University of Kentucky football team. James plays both sides of the ball as a offensive lineman and defensive lineman but is expected to play on the defensive side at the college level. His stardom has been quickly rising as of late with big time offers coming across the board for him including schools such as Tennessee, Michigan State, Penn State, and many others. With all the offers coming his way and his recent rise to the top 250 I felt the need to try and get in touch with him, and James was kind enough to do an interview with me.

James could fill a huge positon of need for UK in the 2017 class and I believe would see anywhere from 15-20 snaps a game as a true Freshman at UK. Mark Stoops and company have really struck gold with a kid who has a legit chance of playing football on Sunday’s. The trick to that however will be keeping him on board as a Wildcat up to and beyond national signing day. Be sure to go follow the big guy on twitter and show him the love of the BBN at . So without further delay, here is how the interview went:


Me: Being a top level recruit can you explain how the recruiting process has been for you?

James: Man it’s been moving so fast, completely crazy with all the new offers coming in


Me: I have noticed all the new offers coming in for you, including teams like Michigan State and Tennessee but has that changed your outlook for the future?

James: Honestly, no not at all


Me: With that in mind, has anything changed with your commitment to UK?

James: No sir, I am still a solid commit to Kentucky. I am keeping my options open though, I have worked to hard to become a top recruit not to and I owe it to myself


Me: Are there any other recruits that you are talking to and trying to talk into following you to UK?

James: No, not at the moment


Me: Kentucky really struggled last year getting pressure on the QB as well as containing the QB option play and need a lot of help on the defensive line. What do you bring as a player to the defense?

James: I can get after the quarterback with the pass rush but I can also defend well against the run game. I am very multidimensional and coaches will get the best of both worlds


Me: How close are you with the other UK commits from Ohio? Guys like Mike Warren and Russ Yeast.

James: Me and Mike Warren play for the same team and are really close, we hang out all the time even on weekends. I am close with Russ and played against him multiple times, although he has moved to Indiana now we still keep in touch. The whole 2017 UK class keeps in touch on Twitter and we are really close as a whole.


Me: Something I have always done in my interviews in the past is ask if you have anything you would like to share with the Big Blue Nation?

James: I would want the Big Blue Nation to know I am not just a defensive player and can play both sides of the ball, as I can play Left Tackle as well. I don’t consider myself a position player, I consider myself to be Athlete not just a specific position





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