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March 7, 2016
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Garry McPeek Interview

Yesterday I was able to speak with Mr. McPeek who is currently the Offensive Line coach at Lafayette High School. Garry has had a lot of success coaching the offensive line of the Generals with players like Landon Young (UK commit) and Jedrick Wills (5* recruit) manning the front.  Garry has coached for 27 years and has coached multiple D1 level players and several who have gone on to play for top notch programs like Florida State, among others. Some of the players he has coached include guys like Jared Hostetter (Tennessee), Sean Mitchell (Florida State), Kasey Keith (Southern Miss), Nathan McPeek (Marshall), Dontae Wright (Miami Ohio), Jared Lorenzen (Kentucky), Dusty Bonner (Kentucky), as well as the aforementioned Young and Wills.

Garry agreed to speak with me in regards to Landon Young and Jedrick Wills, where he shares what kind of players they are and some about their recruitment. You can follow Mr. McPeek on Twitter at Garry McPeek and I would also like to thank him again for his time.


DC: The national perspective is that the state of Kentucky does not produce very much high level football talent at the high school level. However, you have been able to coach guys like Landon Young, and Jedrick Wills who are very high level recruits. So my question is, has the talent always been there in the state and just overlooked, or has it just progressed in recent years?

Garry: It’s really two fold; good players have always been in the state, but it has gotten better. With player development being a lot better as well as the exposure of playing against other states and the year round commitment going into it, now you are starting to see more and more great players in the state.


DC: Speaking of Landon Young, how do you think his game with translate to the college level next year?

Garry: I really feel like he will be able to contribute really soon to the team. Landon is just a great kid, extremely hard worker, and has such a great attitude. Few times in my 27 year career have I been able to coach a talent like Landon.  He is truly a special talent.


DC: You kind of answered my next question there, but do you expect Landon to get an early look at playing time and possibly starting as a true Freshman at UK?

Garry: It’s up to him really.  He has to hit the weight room hard and has work to do, but he realizes that and will put in the work required


DC: Wills may even be considered an even bigger prospect than Landon was this year for you guys. Can you tell us a little about him?

Garry: He is really from the same mold as Landon. Jedrick is extremely athletic and his basketball background has really helped with his footwork. Jedrick brings it on every single play.  He is truly a great player. Both Landon and Jedrick have pit bulls in them unlike any others I have coached


DC: Basically every major college football program is coming after Jedrick.   Do you guys talk about his recruitment much and if so, what schools are currently recruiting him the hardest?

Garry: My focus, as well as his is just to make him better every day. His focus is really not on his recruitment at this point.  He is just going to go through the process. Alabama, Auburn, Kentucky, and other major programs are keeping in touch with us and Jedrick. 



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