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March 18, 2016
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Preview: Kentucky vs Indiana

Tyler Ulis is among the UK underclassmen that will be declaring for the 2016 NBA Draft.

Today is the day ladies and gentlemen, the day the Kentucky Wildcats get to break the hearts of the Indiana Hoosiers. Of course there is always the possibility the Big Blue Nation gets our hearts broke but we are not going to think about that possibility because we all know Coach Calipari with have the Cats ready to take down Indiana. In all honesty, I believe todays game will be a very close one and could really go either way. In order for Kentucky to win they must get some sort of positive production out of the big guys down low, as well as getting at least one of Murray or Willis going from deep.

In a so far very wacky NCAA Tournament where upsets have been aplenty, the Hoosiers took care of business handedly demolishing Chattanooga in the round of 64. The Wildcats were also one of the few teams to really control their first game of the tourney when they took on the Stony Brook Seawolves by a score of 85-57. Todays game pairs two rivals for the first time in 4 years after the two could not come to an agreement about where they should play every year as Calipari wanted to play on a neutral site while Crean wanted to play a home-home arrangement. In todays matchup we will also get to see an enormous battle between two of the small guys, as we will get to see our own Tyler Ulis face off against Yogi Ferrell.

Sadly, this is an amazing game that should not be taking place on the first weekend of the tournament with both teams being seeded to lowly, especially the Wildcats who without doubt should have been a 3 seed. Also the matchup of Tyler against Yogi will be most likely the best of the tournament and unfortunately will not be remembered greatly because it is happening so early in the tournament. The winner of this game will play the winner of the UNC/Providence matchup and while the possibility of facing #1 seed UNC is huge, I do not believe either team will be looking past todays matchup as this game is the one game every single basketball fan is talking about. With all that being said, this is one game no one will want to miss and has the writings of an all time classic written all over it.

Both the Cats and Hoosiers come in playing great in the month of March with Kentucky averaging 87.8 points and allowing 71.5 points, while Indiana is averaging 83.0 points and allowing 70.7 points. Once again below you will see the team comparisons, keys to the game, key matchups, and predictions from the staff and special guests. Enjoy Big Blue Nation and let’s all hope I get to do this again for the Sweet Sixteen portion of the NCAA Tournament, and as always Go Big Blue!



Team Stats

Kentucky Wildcats                                     Indiana Hoosiers

79.6 points (29th)                     <                   82.3 points (11th)

38.9 rebounds (53rd)                   >                37.4 rebounds (107th)

14.5 assists (100th)                   <                  16.0 assists (33rd)

68.0 points allowed (82nd)                 >               68.9 points allowed (99th)

Team Leaders

Jamal Murray: 20.1 points                                       Yogi Ferrell: 17.1 points

Marcus Lee: 6.1 rebounds                                          Troy Williams: 6.0 rebounds

Tyler Ulis: 7.2 assists                                     Yogi Ferrell: 5.7 assists

Key Matchup to Watch

Tyler Ulis (17.0 pts, 7.2 asts)    vs    Yogi Ferrell (17.1 pts, 5.7 asts)

Cordell’s Keys to the Game

  • Cats need to look to push in the open court and score often in transition
  • Kentucky needs to find a way to win the battle of the boards to limit second chance points
  • Cats need to pressure and force Indiana to turn the ball over as they are prone to do so





  • Dustin Cordell:  85-82 Kentucky           MVP: Isaiah Briscoe with 13+ points, 6+ rebounds, and 4 assits
  • Kristin York:  89-84 Kentucky               MVP: Alex Poythress, Cats are going to turn Des Moines into Lob City
  • Terry Brown:  87-79 Kentucky               MVP: Tyler Ulis
  • Michele Brown:  88-83 Kentucky          MVP: Ulis and Murray as Co-MVP’s
  • Tina Cox:  76-73 Kentucky                      MVP: Jamal Murray
  • Larry Vaught:  82-76 Kentucky              MVP: Tyler Ulis
  • Aaron Torres:  82-78 Kentucky              MVP: Tyler Ulis with 24 points and 7 assists

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