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“Blue Funk” (symptoms and treatment)

The symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of “Blue Funk.”

A person should answer the following questions to determine the diagnosis of Blue Funk.

Are you currently watching March Madness and feeling nothing?
Have you counted the months until Big Blue Madness?
Did you enjoy watching Duke and Kansas lose?
Are you calling friends for dinner dates during the week?
Have you googled “Bam” yet?
Have you said more than once: Wait until next year?
Do you know who Marques Bolden is?

If you answered yes to more than two of the above questions, you have been self diagnosed with the Blue Funk.

The good news about Blue Funk is that the symptoms will gradually disappear as October approaches.

I suffer from Blue Funk every year. This year, the symptoms started somewhat earlier than usual. The good news is the disease has many treatment options. I have found one way to alleviate the symptoms is to plan for next year.

The 2016-2017 away schedule includes trips to the Bahamas, New York (twice) and Las Vegas. There is something special when blue gets in and you are a part of it. If the ticket prices are ridiculous, it is an adventure to hang out at a local establishment and cheer on the CATS with other members of the Big Blue Nation.

On December 17th the CATS will play the Tarheels at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in the CBS Classic. The excitement of Las Vegas combined with the Big Blue Nation will be a trip like no other.

I have done some research on the cheapest way to make the trip (I have a boring life now.) Here are some tips:
Airfare: South West to Las Vegas (from Louisville)
Allegiant to Las Vegas (from Cincinnati)

Accommodations: T-Mobile Arena is owned by MGM Grand.
Room rate at MGM Grand is $85/night

Tickets: Tickets are not yet available.
It is sometimes cheaper to wait and purchase prior to tipoff.


Start saving up your airline rewards and hotel rewards. Budget a few extra dollars, throw them in your piggy banks and I will see you in Vegas!!



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