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UK Hoops Recruiting News

By Larry Vaught

Kentucky also made freshman basketball player Maci Morris who she is. The Bell County native grew up a Kentucky fan and everyone in her family is a Kentucky fan.

Her freshman teammate, Taylor Murray, is from Odenton, Md. It is a town of almost 40,000 that is west of Annapolis, south of Baltimore and east of Washington, D.C.

Maci bow and arrow

Bell County native Maci Morris, right, grew up a Kentucky fan and bonded quickly at UK with freshman roommate Taylor Murray of Maryland. (Vicky Graff Photo)

“Maci is like one of my best friends. We are roommates. She helps me with a lot of different things and I help her, too. We just help each other whether it is the classroom or basketball court,” Murray said.
Has she made a trip to Bell County with Morris?
“I went for Thanksgiving and it was really fun just to meet her family and see what her life was like. One day she’s going to come to Maryland and see what that is like,” Murray said. “I was surprised at the lack of size of the town (Middlesboro). There is not much there, but she has a beautiful home. Lot of mountains, but it was a nice, beautiful day.

Yet despite their different backgrounds, Murray said the two freshmen bonded instantly and that could be huge for UK going forward as coach Matthew Mitchell tries to restock the roster.

“We played against each other (in AAU) but she didn’t know I was coming to Kentucky at the time,” Murray said. “We just got that bond when you come to college and both of your are freshmen. We just clicked and I enjoy being with her every single day.

“We are roommates, too. We both have our own rooms. Everything is good. We don’t even fight that often.”

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