Liggins Getting Golden Opportunity With Cavs Summer Roster.

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July 7, 2016
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July 9, 2016
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Liggins Getting Golden Opportunity With Cavs Summer Roster.



Liggins, NBA D-League Champion of SkyForce. (image via @sfskyforce)

Liggins, NBA D-League Champion of SkyForce.
(image via @sfskyforce)

In the sports media world, it’s all about the narrative.

What makes a team, player, or statistic marketable to the public?

It could be a mirage of things, but whatever it is, the Cleveland Cavaliers are giving plenty of it to the sports media since winning their first championship last month.

With that first championship, the emergence of Kyrie Irving, and the legacy fulfilling delivered promise from LeBron James, anything Cleveland does is very well covered by the national media.

With that golden trophy shining a bright light on Northeast Ohio, DeAndre Liggins is receiving a golden ticket to show the media that he is still hungry to make an impact.

Since being drafted in 2011, Liggins has yet to find a long term home in the league. He has played for the Orlando Magic, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Miami Heat before playing internationally for Russian and German franchises.

However, DeAndre has had quite a year since returning to the United States in November 2015 when he was acquired by the Sioux Falls SkyForce, the D-League affiliate of the Miami Heat.


As a leader on the court and the locker room, Liggins earned All Star honors for the second time in the last three years. An injury kept him out of the All Star Game, but doesn’t take merit away from the effort that it took to earn those honors. At the end of the season, he earned D-League Defensive Player of the Year honors for the second time, and led the team to a league best 40-10 record and a league championship.

Liggins takes control of the offense for the SkyForce. (Image via NBAE)


Liggins was picked up by the Cleveland Cavaliers as a member of the team’s summer roster. The Cavaliers are looking to fill out their season roster as well, as they look to free up some salary cap space next season. The Cavs paid a $54 million luxury tax fee to the NBA after having the most expensive roster in the league last season.

The Cavs took the court today in a 81-75 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. Liggins played twenty six minutes, scoring three points and grabbing seven rebounds.

With a solid summer league performance, Liggins could be called up to the Miami Heat or potentially the Cavaliers themselves, as both teams look to add depth to their rosters.

You can watch Liggins and the Cavaliers in action on Saturday as they take on Brooklyn at 1:30 pm on NBA TV.

Catch the latest in the Cats in the Summer League on, and on the Cameron Mills Radio Show Saturday’s on Fox Sports 1580 at 10am, brought to you by LHC Group.

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