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Anthony Davis And the Dwindling Cupboards In New Orleans

Anthony Davis needs another superstar alongside him to help take some pressure off of him. Photo: Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle

Anthony Davis needs another superstar alongside him to help take some pressure off of him. Photo: Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle

Anthony Davis needs another superstar alongside him to help take some pressure off of him.  Photo: Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle

A lot has been made of super teams and how they are being constructed, Anthony Davis would welcome some of that action. The eight Western Conference playoff spots are hard to come by. In his four years in New Orleans A.D. has only made the playoffs once.

That playoff appearance was in 2015 as a No. 8 seed. They were swept in four somewhat competitive games by the eventual champion Golden State Warriors. Game 3 of the series, the first game in New Orleans, slipped right through the Pelicans’ fingers.

Although Kevin Durant moving from Oklahoma City to Golden State has reignited the latest super team conversation, this is an age-old occurrence.


The Lakers weren’t the only team that was loaded either.


You read that right, 80% of the 1970 Knicks starting five were Hall of Fame players. Shame on Dick Barnett for bringing them down by “only” being an All Star.

We haven’t even gotten to the Boston Celtics of that era with Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, John Havlicek and many others.

In his brief time in New Orleans Anthony Davis has yet to have a legitimate Robin to his Batman, a true great player that can compliment him and help lead the Pelicans to prominence. In the NBA building a big three is a desired scenario, sometimes a big four is achieved. Davis would benefit greatly from being able to be part of a big two similar to what Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook just had for the last few seasons in OKC.

The best sidekicks Davis has had have been the oft-injured Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans. Ryan Anderson has had some decent moments as well.

Gordon and Anderson have both moved on, signing free agent deals with the Houston Rockets. Evans doesn’t appear to figure into the team’s long-term plans.

Rookie guard Buddy Hield could develop into a nice superstar compliment to Davis and the Pelicans are hoping that this will be the case.

Time is of the essence.

Eyes are already beginning to focus on the time when Davis may leave New Orleans for greener pastures. The 2020 season seems like it’s fairly far away but it will be here in a flash. It would be nice to see Davis and the Pelicans put together some good seasons.

My favorite player of all time, Dominique Wilkins, never ever had a great upper tier superstar player to help him carry the load during his peak years in Atlanta.

Wilkins has never gotten and never will get the credit he deserves for how great of a player he truly was.

His omission from the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players list is evidence of that.

Mookie Blaylock, Doc Rivers, Stacey Augmon and Kevin Willis were all solid players. Maurice Cheeks and the late, great Moses Malone were pivotal players on the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers squad that helped Dr. J win his only NBA title. They were on the down side of their careers by the time they played for the Hawks.

Hopefully things play out a little better for The Brow. Everyone knows that as long as he stays healthy he will shine. If he’s able to get another big time player with him in New Orleans or elsewhere he will shine that much brighter.

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