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July 21, 2016
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Goose Givens on Skal

I recently asked former UK All-American Jack Givens to explain to me why Skal Labissiere was still a first-round pick and what he thought his career might be like.

“He has a skill set not many guys his size have — his ability to run the floor, pretty good jumper. He will get stronger. That is not a real concern with guys in the NBA,” Givens, a former NBA player and NBA TV analyst, said. “You can see he will get better on the offensive end. He can face the basket and can knock down an 18-foot jump shot.
“The real question is how long will it take him to get better. He was a relatively inexperienced player coming into UK. He had a lot to learn, probably a lot more than most guys. I think he will be a good player. I don’t know if he will be a future star, but he will likely be a serviceable player.”

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