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Kentucky Football Has Joined the Elite


Kentucky football has spent many years right at the proverbial edge of success, attempting to break through and grab hold of it. There have been close, disappointing, heartbreaking, mind-boggling losses over the years.

Through it all the coaches, players and fan base continue to persevere in hopes of seeing things go well.

The past two seasons have gotten off to promising starts but have been marred by slides in the second halves of the year. The time has come to show and prove. No one is expecting or demanding a perfect season or a trip to the College Football Playoff. If Kentucky gets to that edge of success, the 6-6 edge, pushing through and securing a bowl bid would be a welcome sight.

No one is calling for the Cats to be elite. However, Kentucky’s new football facilities are elite and then some. On Thursday morning the sneak peeks and unveiling took place to prove it.

These are just a few of the many tweets that came out to show just how state of the art the new facility is. Personally, I’m not a huge recruiting fan. I really don’t keep up with it a whole lot. However, high school players contemplating where they want to play their college football examine every detail about a perspective school and rightfully so.

Kentucky football hasn’t produced the wins on the field the way they would like as we all know. The new training facility lets everyone know, fans and players alike, that Kentucky is serious about getting better. The new football training center truly is legit, and can hold its own against any facility in the nation.

It is elite, and that fact will not escape any high school player’s notice.

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