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July 25, 2016
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July 25, 2016
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Kentucky Football is Winning, BIG.



Stoop's Troops are marching towards a windfall for UK Athletics. (Image via USA Today)

Whether or not the win and loss column adds up to more hope for fans attending games in Lexington, one thing is for certain:

The Cats are winning.

The key phrase here is attending.

Not just in the stands.

The new suites and premium seating areas of the newly renovated Commonwealth Stadium generated more than $7.3 million dollars last season.

Despite what many fans considered to be a disappointing record for the Cats last season, all 67 suites available in Commonwealth Stadium are booked for this season, with the higher end seating reaching a staggering $120,000 price tag per person.


Have the cash to drop on a suite? Get in line.

There is already a waiting list for the 2017 season.

We can argue all day about how the Cats can improve their on field performance, or about the coaching staff every summer, but one thing is for certain:

Kentucky Football is very much alive.

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  1. Rich Gunlock says:

    Kentucky was 1-1 in overtime coming into this contest, beating Alabama and losing to Louisville both by the score of 40-34, both being only one overtime affairs. Arkansas quarterback Matt Jones threw a 26-yard touchdown strike to Richard Smith to open the scoring in the second period.

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