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It just won’t be the same without Oscar.

There they were, two men pushing a cart through Sam’s Club a few years ago. They strolled slowly through the aisles acknowledging fans with smiles and hugs. Just two guys out shopping during the holidays.

After our usual hug Coach Hall introduced me to his friend Oscar Combs. There was just a few pleasantries exchanged about the upcoming basketball game and the next 10 minutes were spent discussing pickled beets or bologna I can’t remember which.

The past few years have afforded me the opportunity to see Oscar often. There has always been smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye when he talks about the CATS. He has kindly answered some “silly” questions of mine and has never dismissed me as a “newbie.”

I am not going to speculate on the reasons for Oscar leaving the JMI UK shows. I respect that he has chosen to not disclose that information. His replacement will have huge shoes to fill. It is difficult to replace a legend no matter how many bells and whistles(?) one may possess.

Thank you Oscar for reminding me of the days when I would have to wait in line at Kroger to buy The Cats’ Pause. Thanks for being the voice that would calm my nerves before the basketball games. Thanks above all for your honesty throughout the years, you always called them as you saw them.

Keep posting the polls on tweeter until we “hear” you again.

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