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Where dreams begin or end…EMCC

There are no fancy locker rooms, training facilities or dorms. Ice baths are taken in plastic tubs beside the field. This is the life of East Mississippi Community College football players. This is their last stop on their journey to make the “league.” Their dreams will be made or broken in the small town of Scooba, Mississippi, population less than one thousand and 45 miles away from the nearest WalMart.

The latest Neflix series “Last Chance U” documents (uncensored) a season with the three time National Champion Lions. The producers were allowed unlimited access to the coaches, players and staff. The cameras captured the journey the team traveled as they struggled to get their chance at a Division 1 offer.

Head Coach Buddy Stephens recruits players who for various reasons (academics, character flaws, legal issues) were unable to sign with a Division 1 program. For lack of a better word, he “preys” on those who have no choice but to come to EMCC to chase their dream. He sells the program due to its location (SEC territory) and its history of not only winning but destroying teams.

The goal of each player is to get out of Scooba as soon as they can. They have two years to prove their worth on the field to Division 1 schools. They are not there to be a team player. They are solo both on and off the field. This is their last chance, thus the name Last Chance U.

Brittany Wagner is the Athletic Advisor for the team. She has the hardest job of anyone on staff. She has to plead, text and retrieve players to go to class. They are not on campus for the academics and none seem to realize the importance of a GPA to become eligible for a Division 1 scholarship. She is their biggest cheerleader both on and off the field and at times they only one who seems to care about more than how they perform athletically.

I don’t want to spoil the series for those who will watch it. I will say that my opinion of Coach Stephens was as low as possible at the conclusion of the six part series.

If you want to get hyped for the upcoming college season I encourage to give this series a watch. If you have young children or offended by profanity this is not the series for you.

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