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CMR Writers Make 2016 UK Football Predictions

Coach Stoops will begin his 4th season at the helm of the Wildcats on September 3rd under the lights of Commonwealth Stadium. Southern Mississippi comes into Lexington with Shannon Dawson calling their offense, a proven quarterback behind center and a huge chip on his shoulder.

There are many unanswered questions…

Has Drew Barker matured into the role of leader of this team?
Can the receivers catch the ball (yes, this has been a big problem)?
Has the defense learned the art of tackling (another past problem)?
Has Coach Stoops improved on clock management and organization)?

These are only a few of the many questions to be answered as the CATS enter the 2016 season.

Below are the preseason predictions from the staff writers for Cameron Mills Radio.


Terry Brown (TB)

If you ever hear “Billie Jean” being sung during karaoke look closely it might be Terry. He will be more than likely be wearing a hat (he has a collection of over a hundred). If Boyz II Men are ever looking for a new member he is first on their list.

Follow Terry @TBrown_80

Terry predicts the CATS will be 7-5 this season with a big win at Louisville to finish the regular season.

Vinny Hardy (Vinrock)

If you wonder how ticket prices have risen over the years, just check with Vinny. He collects the stubs from every pro/college sporting, concert and comedy show he has ever attended. Vinny lives in Tennessee but proudly sports his Kentucky blue, even though he considers Phil Fulmer to be Kentucky’s biggest villain.

Follow Vinny @VinnHardy

Vinny predicts the CATS to be 7-5 this season with wins over Southern Mississippi, New Mexico State, South Carolina Vandy, Mississippi State, Missouri and Austin Peay.


Michele Brown

When Michele isn’t reading or writing about the CATS, you will more than likely find her on a golf course or perhaps playing the piano. Adele, if you are reading this Michele would love to play piano for you one day,

Follow Michele @ForeverBigBlue

Michele predicts the CATS to be 8-4 this season with wins over Southern Mississippi, Florida (gonna break that streak), New Mexico State, South Carolina, Vandy, Missouri, Austin Peay and Louisville.



Kristin York

Kristin is the mother of a toddler ( Wonder Woman in my eyes), so it not surprising that her favorite movie is “Adventures in Babysitting.” She considers UK’s biggest win to be the hiring of John Calipari.

Follow Kristin @xKSYorkx

Kristin predicts the CATS to go 6-6 in the regular season wins over Southern Mississippi, New Mexico State, South Carolina, Vandy, Mississippi State and Austin Peay.



Tina Cox

If you pull up beside me at a stop light, you will read my lips singing “Don’t Stop Believing” or “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” You will also be grateful the red light does not last the whole song. Thanks to the opportunities afforded me through writing, I have been able to check off almost every item on my bucket list.

Follow Tina @tcox5470

My predictions for the upcoming regular season are 5-7. I can see wins from Southern Mississippi, New Mexico State, South Carolina, Missouri and Austin Peay.

Who knows, maybe the one closest at the end of season will receive a “prize” from our main guy!

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