Dez Bryant Tweets What Dallas Cowboys Fans Are Thinking And Hoping About Dak Prescott

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Dez Bryant Tweets What Dallas Cowboys Fans Are Thinking And Hoping About Dak Prescott

Photo Credit: Louis DeLuca, Dallas Morning News

Photo Credit: Louis DeLuca, Dallas Morning News

Photo Credit: Louis DeLuca, Dallas Morning News

Dez Bryant is using the preseason to get himself and the Dallas Cowboys’ passing game back on track while rookie quarterback Dak Prescott is making a great first, second and third impression. SEC fans are well aware of what Prescott is capable of doing. He had a stellar career at Mississippi State and left Starkville having amassed the third most total yards in SEC history (11,897) putting him behind only Georgia’s Aaron Murray and Florida’s Tim Tebow.

In the Cowboys’ first preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams on Aug. 13 Prescott went 10 of 12 for 139 yards with 2 touchdowns and clearly outperformed Jared Goff, the first pick in the draft. He followed that up against the Miami Dolphins where he was 12 of 15 for 199 yards, and had two passing and rushing touchdowns.

His third straight impressive effort was on the road against the Seattle Seahawks where he was 17 of 23 for 116 yards and another touchdown. That brought his totals for the preseason to 39 of 50 for 454 yards, with five touchdowns through the air and two on the ground.

That’s good for a 61 percent completion rate and the next interception he throws will be his first one.

All of this led Dez Bryant to tweet the following.

This sentiment had been building among Cowboys Nation since the Rams game. Prescott has shown a lot of poise in his brief NFL career. He’s thrown the ball well, he’s made good decisions when it comes to pulling the ball down and running. He hasn’t let the moment or the stage overwhelm him.

That said, this is still just the preseason. The regular season will be another ball game. There will be more blitzes from different areas on the field and he will have to make decisions at a quicker clip. Every rep he takes gives opposing defensive coordinators more tape in which to get a better read on what might work to expose weaknesses in his game or what may make him uncomfortable.

Like Dez Bryant, Tony Romo is looking to bounce back from an injury that consumed the bulk of his 2015 season. Romo is literally one hit away from being back in the same boat in spite of the Cowboys having one of the best offensive lines in the league. For a moment it appeared that hit occurred against Seattle he dodged a bullet as his back was only tweaked and serious damage was averted. Hopefully Romo can come back and play in a bunch of games in 2016.

If for some reason he isn’t able to do so it’s good to know that Prescott is capable of stepping in and playing well. The regular season will be a lot more intense than what he’s seen thus far but it does indeed look like he is on his way to being the truth.


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