Boom Williams and Bam Adebayo Will Have John Madden and Emeril Lagasse Noticing Kentucky

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Boom Williams and Bam Adebayo Will Have John Madden and Emeril Lagasse Noticing Kentucky

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Stanley “Boom” Williams and Edrice “Bam” Adebayo form one of the coolest Kentucky football/basketball nickname duos that we’ve seen in quite some time. Jack “Goose” Givens and Derrick “Ram” Ramsey come to mind as well when it comes to great players with cool nicknames and big time games to go along with them.

Like Goose and Ram, Boom and Bam both look to have big time seasons this fall for the football and basketball Cats.

As cool as their nicknames are, they had already become household catchphrases long before they were born.

After he finished his Hall of Fame coaching career but before he became the namesake of one of the most popular video games of all time John Madden put the word “Boom” on the map.

He even parlayed it into some classic Tinactin commercials.

Boom Williams has found the end zone 12 times in his Kentucky career thus far. Eleven of those have been rushing touchdowns and a lot of his runs have had that big play game breaking flair about them. Seeing this continue and even improve would be a welcome sight for Kentucky in 2016.

Boom ran for 855 despite missing two games in 2015. He was a virtual non factor in three other games (Missouri, Tennessee and Louisville) where he rushed for a combined total of 70 yards on 18 carries. Honestly, he did the bulk of his work in the other seven games in which in rushed for 785 yards.

If he plays in all 12 games and incorporates a few more tough, gritty runs to his dazzling highlight reel playd he should zip right by the 1,000 yard plateau.

You can’t say the name Emeril Lagasse without starting to get hungry, especially if you’re a fan of Creole, Italian, Asian or southwestern cuisines. Emeril put the other “b” word, “Bam”, on the map out of necessity and he’s become even more famous the world over because of it.

His food would still be incredible but his shows would be lacking so much in entertainment value without his iconic “Bam!”.

Incoming freshman Bam Adebayo is also looking to be equal parts incredible and entertaining this fall in Lexington. He has the skill set, athleticism and explosiveness to do just that.

The young fella has all of the tools. He has evoked comparisons to Shawn Kemp, yes the Reign Man himself. I’m talking about young, in his prime, Seattle Supersonics (yes kids, OKC used to be in Seattle) Shawn Kemp. If you’re too young to remember that think of young Phoenix Suns Amare’ Stoudemire prior to his microfracture surgeries.

Adebayo attacks the rim relentlessly and will embarrass defenders when he gets there, yet he also has the ability to step out and hit mid range jumper. He is a strong rebounder as well.

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the potential big time seasons that Boom and Bam may have in 2016-17. Who knows, if they create enough buzz, Mr. Madden and Mr. Lagasse just might have to check it out for themselves.

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