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August 30, 2016
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New Season Brings New Hope

At long last, football season has arrived and I can barely contain my excitement.  That is, until I heard that there still over 13,000 tickets that had not yet been sold for the Cats’ opening game.  This is quite disappointing to me.  After all, the Big Blue Nation has been incredibly loyal and supportive of the football program for years and years.  The fans were there during the worst years (Fellowship of the Miserable, anyone?), and no matter how bleak a team’s chances may have seemed, Commonwealth Stadium was filled with the Blue Faithful.

Now we have many improvements in our stadium, and the players now have a world-class state of the art practice facility.   We have more talent than I ever dreamed possible.  We are building depth at many positions, most notably wide receiver and running back.  We have a new offensive coordinator and several new position coaches, each of whom demands accountability from their players.   Reports from summer camp have been very positive and the players seem to have an extra hop in their step these days.

So, after years of accepting mediocrity from both the team and from the Athletic Department in terms of facilities, why give up now when things are finally looking up?

It’s a new season filled with new hope.  For this week, anything is possible.  We can envision at least 6 wins and a bowl game.  We can believe that this is the year Kentucky Football finally gets over the hump and becomes very competitive in the extremely tough SEC.

I know what some of you are thinking.  Why get excited this year?  Doesn’t Kentucky Football always find a way to under-perform and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?  How many more times should the fans get their hopes up only to have them crushed in November?  Well, how about one more time?

Forget about the failures of seasons past and remember some of the positives from your UK Football life.  If you can’t let yourself get excited about the team, at least get excited about all the fun you can have at a game.   Even if you don’t get to tailgate, CWS is now prepared to offer you a lot of great food choices this year.  There will also be concerts, and a new route for the Cat Walk.  All the information you need to get ready to attend a game can be found here.

Still not convinced?  Well, maybe meeting Wildcat can get your blood pumping.


Or meeting up with several hundred (or thousand) of your BBN family at the Cat Walk gets you ready to cheer on the Cats.


Perhaps running into a true American hero, like Corporal Matthew Bradford would inspire you to attend.

US Marine Corporal Matthew Bradford is a UK super fan you may meet at CWS.

US Marine Corporal Matthew Bradford is a UK super fan you may meet at CWS.

Maybe it’s simply spending time with good friends.  Let’s face it, there’s nothing like the Big Blue Nation Family.  We’re everywhere and we love our Cats like no other fan base.  You probably have traditions with your tailgate group.  Don’t you want those to continue?  I know one of my favorite things to do at each game is to get a photo with friends after the Cat Walk.  We like to spell C-A-T-S to keep our game time energy at a high level.  Then for fun, we like to spell C-A-T-S like we imagine UNC students would spell it.



How UNC students spell CATS

How UNC students spell CATS

Whatever it is that kept you coming to CWS for all the lean years, try to get that feeling back and support our Cats now.   Southern Mississippi is not a cupcake team, and our players will need every bit of the home field advantage they can get.   Remember, this is only year 4 for Mark Stoops, and it’s the first year he has a team full of his players.   Give them one more chance to win you back.

It’s a brand new season filled with new hope.  I have a feeling you’re going to want to be on this bandwagon from the very first game.  See you at Commonwealth Stadium!

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