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September 2, 2016
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September 4, 2016
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Tomorrow is Gameday BBN

Tomorrow is gameday.

Yes, tomorrow is the day that we’ve been anticipating since last season basketball season ended. I’m anticipating it in a nervous child-like way, like Christmas Eve. I’m nervous for what presents we may get tomorrow.

I just hope we don’t get coal. I hope we get toys… like not just a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle… I’m talking the whole sewer lair for all of my turtles to live in.


Source: TMNT Sewer Lair

I hope that UK comes out and absolutely dominates from beginning to end. I believe UK has the tools to make my sewer lair dream come true.

Can Barker lead this team to a bowl game? Absolutely. Can Boom Williams do WORK? Without a doubt (if he’s 100% like he says he is). The depth in both the wide receiver position and running back position is something that we haven’t seen for a long time at UK, and I’m excited!

When it comes to the D line, the weight that Elam has lost… mixed with him gaining experience by practicing with 6’5″ 310 pound Jon Toth could have Elam capturing himself some national media attention. Depth may be an issue for the defense though which may be crucial for the Cats.

We’ve heard all the stories during the off-season. We’ve heard this football team has had good practices, but does practice always transfer over to the game? I hope so for the Cats… but that’s not always the case.

Who’s this guy?


Source: My mom’s attic

Yeah, it’s little ol’ me. I was too scared to play football, but let me tell you something… with that little Franklin glove and my Golden Eagles hat I was a BEAST at baseball… in practice. When it came to the game… it didn’t carry over. Despite my little Eagle teammates cheering “just like practice Andy” when I was up to bat during the game… it was almost like they forgot that Coach Bob was throwing underhanded to me in practice. In the real game, I would always strike out, because apparently in the real games pitching underhanded is frowned upon.

So what’s the relation?

My prediction is the success and chemistry that this UK football team has made in practice during the off-season… will come together for something special tomorrow evening. The great results we’ve heard about in their practices will carry over into the game. Their defense will contain Ito Smith and apply constant pressure to QB Nick Mullens. Courtney Miggins will show off his senior experience by starting off the season with multiple tackles (similar to his game against Auburn last year).

The Cats will naturally have nerves, but playing in front of the greatest fan base in the world will settle them down and hopefully lead to a “W” and the start to a bowl-eligible season. There will be a few boxes of coal tomorrow night (some things that the team needs to work on), but overall I’m thinking we get that sewer lair filled with turtles.

Cheer loud and proud for your Kentucky Wildcats tomorrow night at 7:30pm at Commonwealth Stadium!

Go Cats! #BBN


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