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September 6, 2016
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September 7, 2016
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Drake performs in Devin Booker jersey at Phoenix concert

Drake, who has been a card carrying member of the Big Blue Nation over the last few years, represented the Bluegrass once again this week.

Last night during a performance in Phoenix, Drake took the stage wearing Booker’s Suns jersey, but the fun didn’t stop there.

“Shout out to the Kentucky boys, repping my brother.” Drake said as he pointed to the number one on his chest causing the crowd to erupt.

Devin acknowledged the love on Twitter, tweeting out a prayer emoji with an image of Drake in the jersey.

With so many former Cats including Ulis, Bledsoe, Goodwin, and Knight all on the team, it’s likely Drake closed his eyes and pointed in his closet as to which jersey he would throw on for the show.

Has Drake passed Ashley Judd as the premier spokesman of the BBN? He may have already answered that question himself.

“I can not give you the recipe You know the game is sold separately.”

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