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What do you do for road games?

We’re playing in the Swamp tomorrow at 3:30pm EST. What are you going to do?

Are you going to the game? If so, kudos to you. I highly respect the dedication to travel (no matter the distance) to see our Wildcats on the road.

The majority of people though (like myself) are not going to the game. Despite the travel the time, I know some people are a bit salty about the way the Cats finished couldn’t finish last week against Southern Miss.

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

So what do you do for road games? Do you tailgate in your driveway? Do you have family and friends over? Do you go out to a sports bar? … or are you “TV Sports Guy“?

TV Sports Guy is the guy (or girl) who typically has to watch the game alone. If people do watch it with TV Sports Guy, they must be silent unless TV Sports Guy asks them a question. TV Sports Guy has cable and not Dish, because the thought of the game going out during a storm would be unbearable. The thought of a dog barking in the middle of play could be a life-threatening situation for that dog, so he/she owns no pets. Phone calls will be ignored and texts will only be responded to during a commercial break (depending on if the text is related to the game). TV Sports Guy will not leave the house at all during the game in fear of missing ‘that big catch’. Food will be ordered (most likely delivered) prior to the game and snacks will be bought before-hand for halftime. If the doorbell rings, he/she ignores it or yells “Go Away” so loud & intimidating that the person ringing the doorbell leaves. TV Sports Guy is so glued to his/her television that there is a chance that someone could actually break into his/her house, and he/she wouldn’t know. If he/she heard a loud noise over the game, he/she wouldn’t let it be a distraction. TV Sports Guy wears his/her team’s attire as if he/she were at the game. There is also a 75% chance that TV Sports Guy at some point during the game yells “C-A-T-S Cats Cats Cats”. I think all of us have a little bit of TV Sports Guy in us.

I’m a mix between the two. I enjoy a good game with friends and family, but at the same time… unrelated conversation in my living room while watching the game could be what causes Barker to throw a pick. Kidding. However, sometimes it feels that way. It feels like if I can’t hear the announcers then everything goes wrong. During halftime I like to throw the pigskin outside and get that ‘football feeling’, but at the same time… I don’t want to miss any of the action.

Speaking of the action… how will the Cats do? McClain and Allen are both back and ready for action which will help the Cats. The offense had 377 yards in the first half vs. Southern Miss, that’s HUGE for Kentucky. Stoops said that this week has been a good week of practices which is always great to hear from your head coach. Boom Williams has proven that the Swamp ignites something in him to take his game to whole other level, and Barker proved last week that he can throw the ball (at least for a half). Do we end the streak?

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

But what about you? What do you do? Leave a comment below and share how you’re going to watch the game tomorrow and your expectations for the Wildcats (that is if you haven’t disconnected your cable after last week’s performance).


  1. I’m TV Sports Guy — kinda. I would never have food delivered. I prepare all of my game day food myself. Besides, I’m a way better cook than a lot of restaurant cooks. I will be glued to the television (cable!) and I will be audibly cheering for our Cats. Friends might come over & watch with me, or I might watch alone. It varies.

    • Andrew Bishop says:

      I know what you mean Michele! My mom always cooks home meals for the games (preparing all day). I’m going to have to try your cooking one day to see how good it is 😉

  2. Trublususu says:

    I’m TV Sports Guy – will go buy my food for the day in the morning. Radio will be turned on at 12:30 (watch other games with TV muted). I like to watch games alone. Will be in my favorite chair sitting in front of my largest TV ready to watch before 3:30. The other 2 TV’s will be on in case I need to go to another room. Will have snacks and drink close by. Most of my friends and family know not to call me during the game. (The only person I usually talk to is my grandson.) I start out listening to TV announcers until they make me mad then I switch to Tom Leach. During the game I will yell, scream and holler and pace quite a bit. I think the team can hear me from my house. After the game I listen to all the radio post-game interviews and the hour-long call-in show while catching up with Twitter and Facebook. I always tape the game so I can watch it again the next day. My whole day will be planned around the pre-game, game, and post-game.

    • I like it Tru Blu! I love the idea of the other TVs being on in the other room just in case you need to go in there, haha! That made me laugh out loud. Ha! I also respect the Tom Leach change… my dad has done that a lot growing up watching games with him. You can never go wrong with Leach. I have to admit… you are 100% dedicated and TV Sports Guy! I respect it like you wouldn’t believe! Thanks for sharing. It’s always good to learn more about the BBN!

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