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September 27, 2016
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Snell is ready to Roll the Tide


Freshman running back Benny Snell of Ohio has been a major reason Kentucky has won its last two games. He has rushed for five touchdowns and his power has been a perfect match with Boom Williams’ speed.
Now he gets a chance to see what he can do at No. 1 Alabama this week, and he can’t wait.
“It was kind of what I dreamed about growing up,” he said. “Coming up Alabama was always a real special team. So why not try to play against the best and see what you have. This was an up and coming program and I wanted to be part of that. Now we get to play Alabama and see where we are.”

Snell went to a game at Alabama as a junior.

“It’s a nice environment, but not better than Commonwealth (Stadium),” Snell said.
Not sure I buy that but I like a true freshman who understands the importance of letting UK fans know he appreciates them.
“Alabama always plays hard, they play as a unit. But even a good team can lose at any time. Anything can go wrong for them, so we will just see what happens,” Snell said.

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