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September 28, 2016
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Finding UK’s #1 Fan: Featuring Roger Laws

Now I’ve collected my fair share of items over the years… Dragonball Z toys, Pokemon cards, and of course underground hip hop mixtapes. However, as a Kentucky basketball fan I didn’t collect as many items as I should have. Sure I kept my ticket stubs, but other than that I would throw away a poster as soon as it was dated, a magazine as soon as the next year rolled around, and I rarely had any autographs to save.

Over the years I’ve connected with so many people who claim to have the biggest collection of items, or the person has tried to convince me they’re UK’s #1 fan. It always starts with, “I bleed blue” and ends with a conversation around a collector’s item they got at an auction “down in Kentucky”, but who is UK’s #1 fan? Bob Wiggins who is known for never missing a game is often spoken of when discussing Kentucky’s #1 fan. Unfortunately Bob passed away this year.

I want to keep Bob’s memory alive by searching for Kentucky’s #1 fan. I might have found Kentucky’s #1 fan a couple weeks back. Roger Laws has more memorabilia than I’ve ever seen in my life. I literally could not describe in words, pictures, or a video how many Kentucky items and autographs he has. You name a player’s signature… he has it. You name a poster… he has at least one. You name a net from a championship game… yes, he may even have that!

Here is a video I did with him which includes several pictures and video clips of his collection. Enjoy! GO CATS!

Now, if you still believe you’re UK’s #1 Fan, send me an email at andrewbishup@gmail.com or shoot me a tweet @andrewbishup, and we’ll setup an interview.

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