Larry Vaught Weekly: Snell Receives Bye Week Praise

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October 14, 2016
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Larry Vaught Weekly: Snell Receives Bye Week Praise

Bye Week Praise For Benny Snell

By: Larry Vaught

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

Now that Kentucky is 3-3 after last week’s win over Vanderbilt, the possibility of winning six games and earning a bowl bid is at least a possibility.

If it happens, the biggest reason could be freshman running back Benny Snell. His late-game play helped beat South Carolina. Same with Vanderbilt.

If you need a  tough yard, Snell will get it again and again.

“He is what we had hoped: An extremely disciplined guy, very physical, tough yards. And the mentality helps our team, it helps our room, just the mentality that he has. That’s what we thought we had when we were recruiting him, and it’s great to see that come true,” coach Mark Stoops said.

Believe him.

“Benny is just phenomenal. That dude gets first downs no matter what. I love handing the ball off to him and seeing him work,” quarterback Stephen Johnson said.

Even better is that UK’s offensive linemen love him and his attitude.

“A guy like Benny, man. How do I want to put this? Everybody sees what Benny can do and at the same time I know how Benny really appreciates us because he is always coming to us saying thank you,” UK guard Bunchy Stallings said. “He is not a selfish player and he realizes if not for us blocking for him, he may not have got the 1-on-1 he needed to run that guy over.

“We appreciate him for breaking that tackle even if we missed a block but at the same time he appreciates us for getting him to where he can make a move. We appreciate each other. We are not going to let anybody mess with him and we are going to take care of him.”

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