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October 29, 2016
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October 31, 2016
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Thank You

Photo: Andrew Bishop,


They stood along the fence at the Aviation Museum tonight as the Jet Blue airplane landed against a beautiful October sunset. They were of all ages. Some held homemade signs. Some pressed their cameras against the fence to capture the moment.

There were no large media outlets, just fans awaiting the arrival of their CATS to say, “Thank you!  Good job!”


The players waved and pointed to the fans as they began exiting the plane. The coaches first, then other personnel made their way to the buses. Coach Stoops waved to the crowd to show his appreciation.

The chant of C-A T-S grew louder as the players made their way down the portable steps. As if on cue, the players left their baggage on the runway and made their way to crowded fencerow.

Pressing their hands on the chainlink fence, the players gave “fives” to the fans. Two words were spoken repeatedly:  thank you. Those words came from the players.

The joy showed in their smiles. They held their phones high to record the moment. This was their time, something they had not experienced before.

I will admit, I had tears in my eyes. A month ago these kids were being tortured on social media and many fans had already considered this season a wipeout. They did not fold. They continued to work and this was their time.

Let’s fill Commonwealth Saturday night!

Go CATS beat the Dawgs!

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  1. Darlene Wilson says:

    I love this team and coaching staff so much. They have so much heart and no quit in them. GBB!!! Beat the Dawgs! Thanks Tina.

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