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November 23, 2016
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Happy Thanksgiving, Big Blue Nation

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First off: Happy Thanksgiving, Big Blue Nation. As I’ve done in years past, I’ve compiled a few things I’m especially thankful for this year.

I’m thankful for The Blue Arrow, Jamal Murray. I’m thankful for The Point Gawd, Tyler Ulis. I’m thankful that we got to see them play and perform at such a high level.

I’m thankful for Mark Stoops. I’m thankful for his work ethic. I’m thankful for four SEC wins. I’m thankful for bowl eligibility.

I’m thankful for Makayla Epps.

I’m thankful John Calipari. I’m thankful for the types of young men he brings into the program.

I’m thankful for the new Rupp Arena scoreboard. I’m thankful for the 40 years of Big Bertha.

I’m thankful for Dominique Hawkins. I’m thankful for Derek Willis. I’m thankful for every little boy and girl that grow up in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, dreaming of putting on the Blue and White and playing for the University of Kentucky.

I’m thankful for Maci Morris.

I’m thankful for Stanley “Boom” Williams and Benny Snell, Jr. I’m thankful for 1,000 yard rushers. I’m really thankful for two of them.

I’m thankful for Jon Lipsitz and his work with the UK women’s soccer team. And I wish him the best.

I’m thankful for Mitch Barnhart and his commitment to the university.

I’m thankful for Matthew Mitchell’s Big Blue Madness routines.

I’m thankful for the United States of America. I’m thankful that, despite one of the most contentious elections in American history, we will still have a peaceful change of power.

I’m thankful for friends that  know just what to say when you’re feeling your worst and know how to put a smile on your face.

I’m thankful for family, the people that will circle the wagons for you when it seems like the entire world is against you.

I’m thankful for my mother, who’s been the same for nearly 40 years of my life: outstanding, amazing and as close to perfect as I deserve.

I’m thankful for my girls, Sarah and Lauren, who have taught me more about myself than I thought possible. I’m thankful that they challenge me to be a better person. And I’m thankful that they love me even when I’m not the father they deserve.

I’m thankful for Cameron Mills for the opportunity to write for his site. I’m thankful for the rest of the staff, the great writers that entertain, inform and inspire. And I’m thankful for everyone that takes time out of their day to read what I write.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks, to you and your family

Terry Brown
Terry Brown
Terry Brown, born in Louisville, KY and raised as a Cardinal fan. Thankfully, he converted and bleeds nothing but Kentucky Blue. He currently lives in Louisville and spends his spare time chasing after his two girls, Sarah and Lauren. Terry is also on staff at and co-hosts Cats Talk Wednesday with Vinny Hardy on Blog Talk Radio, every Wednesday from 6-8 pm EST.

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