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How to watch “The Team” on any HDTV

Since the 1996 Team documentary drops tonight at 6PM on Vimeo, I thought a little tech help on streaming things from your laptop to your TV may be useful. (Have you pre-ordered? Cameron promised to put on his old uniform if 1000 people did… order it here.)

I am giving instructions assuming you don’t have Apple TV, the Vimeo App on your Smart TV, etc — those are the easiest ways, of course.

You’ll need a few things to make this happen on a standard HDTV and I have multiple methods for old/new devices alike.

– If your PC has only has a VGA port, proceed to Method 1.

– If your PC has an HDMI port, proceed to Method 2.

– If your MacBook or iMac has a Thunderbolt port, proceed to Method 3.

Method 1 — Laptop/PC to TV with VGA and audio cable

You will need:

Most HDTVs come equipped with a VGA port. The VGA cord needs to connect to your laptop and your Television. After that, your laptop screen will be mirrored onto your TV! Connect the aux cord from the headphone jack in your PC to the same port on your TV. Voilà! Now you have video and sound on your television. Pull up The Team documentary on Vimeo, and you’re in business.

Method 2 — Laptop/PC to TV with HDMI cable

You will need:

All HDTVs have an HDMI port. The HDMI cable needs to connect to your laptop and your Television, then your laptop screen will mirror onto your television. On your web browser, open The Team documentary, then you’re streaming!

Method 3 — Thunderbolt to VGA/HDMI

You will need:

Depending on the type of Thunderbolt cable you have for your iMac or MacBook, it will need plugged from your Thunderbolt port (photo above) to your HDTV. As pictured above, Thunderbolt to HDMI is preferred because you’ll need an additional audio cable (see Method 1) if you use Thunderbolt to VGA.

Once you have your MacBook or iMac connected to your tv, open The Team on Safari and you’re all set!

There are multiple other methods to get The Team onto your HDTV, however, these are the most basic. We have you informed and now you can invite your whole crew over for a big-screen showing of The Team.

Merry Christmas and Happy Streaming!


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