Surprising Number of 50 Point Games, Not Surprising Who’s Well Represented On the List

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January 3, 2017
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Surprising Number of 50 Point Games, Not Surprising Who’s Well Represented On the List

When it comes to 50-point games, BBN is well represented. Photo Credit: Scott Strazzante, San Francisco Chronicle

Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler just hung half a hundred on the Charlotte Hornets his last time out on Jan. 2, 2017. He is the eighth different player in the NBA to have a 50-point game this season.

The only two other times eight different players dropped 50 in a season was in 1989-90 and 2015-16.

We have yet to reach the half way point of the season. No one has played 41 games, so the chances of nine or more different players scoring 50 is pretty good.

As the first aforementioned tweet shows the eight different players with 50-point games this season are:

Klay Thompson

DeMarcus Cousins

James Harden

Jimmy Butler

John Wall

Isaiah Thomas

Russell Westbrook

Anthony Davis

What’s the common thread?

With so many former Kentucky Wildcats in the league it’s no surprise to see multiple Cats on this list as well. Three out of eight, 37.5% to be exact.

Karl-Anthony Towns is right on the outskirts. He had a 47-point night against the New York Knicks on Nov. 30, 2016.

Devin Booker is capable of getting buckets in bunches also. Would it surprise you if he went for 50 at some point this year?

Not really.

It’s just fun seeing these guys succeed and do their thing at the next level once they depart Lexington.

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