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Malik Monk Gets Set to Face His Home State Razorbacks

Malik Monk is on a roll from deep but could easily do damage at the rim at any given time. Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics

Malik Monk is one of the best high school players to ever come out of Arkansas in a while and he faces the Razorbacks Saturday night in Rupp Arena. Barring a future meeting in either the SEC or NCAA tournament this will more than likely be the only opportunity he has to play against his home state school.

The emotional attachment to his hometown of Lepanto and The Woodz, the local park that made him the player he is today, is very strong.

However, when he spoke about playing the Hawgs, he said all of the right things. He said he’s treating it like any other game.

All we can do is take him at his word. Maybe seeing Mike Anderson and the Arkansas Razorbacks on the opposing bench will mean absolutely nothing to Monk just like he’s been saying. On the other hand, he may be extremely fired up about going at his home state school and is just playing it cool while chatting with the media.

For the most part Monk has been showing out since the Michigan State game. He has proven that he is legit from three-point land.

He has a mid-range game.

He is also unbelievable in the open court.

There is really only one facet of his game that he hasn’t unveiled yet. I believe it’s only a matter of time. A lot of it has to do with how opponents are guarding him. They haven’t really taken the three-point shot away from him so he continues to take and make them.

If opponents start chasing him off of the three-point line then there will be some unsuspecting SEC big men that are going to find themselves on some posters.

Derek Anderson’s highlight reel is insane as we all know. But pay special attention around the 1:09 mark at his dunk against Indiana. He had a clear path to the rim and the Hoosiers big man never knew what hit him. It’s not hard to envision a similar scenario with Monk.

Moses Kingsley and the rest of the Arkansas bigs may be on poster alert and not even know it.

The chances of Monk flushing one on somebody before the season ends is pretty good. Even if he doesn’t you don’t want to take your eyes off of him when he’s on the court. You know it’s going to be a show!

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