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January 14, 2017
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KenPom for Dummies

Kentucky is currently ranked #1 in the KenPom ratings. This intrigued me enough to take a look at what that means to the “I don’t do math” fan.

Who is Ken Pomeroy?
The creator of the popular college basketball website and statistical archive.  Mr. Pomeroy was previously a meteorologist for the US Government.

How are the KenPom rankings calculated?
Equations are used to include offensive and defensive efficiency, tempo, pace and other factors that kinda went over my head.

How accurate are these ratings?

Final KenPom rating                        2016 Final Four 2016
1) Villanova                                         Villanova
2) North Carolina                              North Carolina
3) Virginia                                           Oklahoma (10th in KenPom)
4) Kansas                                             Syracuse (27th in KenPom)

Final KenPom rating                        2015 Final Four 2015
1) Kentucky                                        Kentucky
2) Wisconsin                                     Wisconsin
3) Duke                                               Duke
4) Arizona                                          Michigan State (15th in KenPom)

Final KenPom rating 2014             Final Four 2014
Louisville                                           Connecticut (15th in KenPom)
Arizona                                              Kentucky (13th in KenPom)
Florida                                               Florida
Virginia                                             Wisconsin (5th in KenPom)

Final KenPom rating 2013            Final Four 2013
Louisville                                          Wichita State (27th in KenPom)
Florida                                               Louisville
Indiana                                              Michigan
Michigan                                           Syracuse (9th in KenPom)

The current top four in the KenPom:

1) Kentucky
2) West Virginia
3) Gonzaga
4) Villanova

I am not a numbers person. I read statistics but have no idea how the numbers are calculated. Math was never my strong subject and the thought of equations takes me back to geometry my sophomore year of high school which was a train wreck.  However, the KenPom ratings intrigue me.

Whether you understand it or not, KenPom ratings are interesting to follow. Especially when your team is #1.

Check out the ratings at kenpom.com

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