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10 Things Coaches Hate About You

If you consider yourself a college prospect, this article is for you. I browse around Twitter quite a bit in the High School sports realm and am often disappointed in the things I see from student athletes. I had to know — is it just me? So I asked a few college coaches and recruiters from Division I to NAIA.

  1. Arrogance
    There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and coaches notice. Are you a jerk to your opponent when you score? Nobody likes that. Healthy celebration is great — rubbing it in, not so much.
  2. Disrespecting your teammates or coaches
    Are you badmouthing your team or coach behind their back? That’s unattractive to adults on all levels — especially college coaches.
  3. Laziness
    Coaches like to see you play both sides of the ball. Defense matters, rebounding matters. Are you only playing offense? Better step it up.
  4. Bad body language
    Are you arguing with referees over calls? Are you moping up and down the court when you make a bad play? That’s a quick way to be taken off a recruitment list.
  5. Talking back to coaches or parents
    If a college coach or recruiter sees you disrespecting your coach or your parents, that’s an indication you’ll do the same to them. If a coach or adult is offering criticism or advice, listen actively and don’t argue. You can think whatever you want in your head.
  6. Selfishness
    Teamwork is important. If you’re a one man show, don’t share the ball, and don’t help your teammates on the court, college basketball may not be for you.
  7. Bad temper
    Punching the bench, slamming the ball on the floor, using bad language on the court — all red flags for a college coach. Control your anger and use it in a positive way.
  8. Grades
    There’s a reason the word “student” comes first in the title of Student-Athlete. Chances are if you’re struggling with bad grades in high school, you’ll do the same in college. Coaches don’t have time to worry about your eligibility because of your bad study skills/non-commitment to school.
  9. Tardiness
    If you’re late for practice or leaving early, you’ll develop that reputation. Real competitors spend extra time in the gym, not the bare minimum.
  10. Inappropriate social media
    Does your social media have inappropriate language, photos, or disrespectful posts? Are you arguing with or trash-talking opponents or teammates? Recruiters and coaches are watching. A good rule of thumb — would you want your grandma to see it? If not, don’t post it. Social media can be used to your advantage: paint a good image of yourself, not a bad or questionable one.

Getting recruited and signed is less-than-likely for most high school athletes as it is. Find a way to set yourself apart positively — earn a scholarship by showing not only athleticism but great work ethic, teamwork, and good citizenship! Good luck.

Kayla Moore VanHoose
Bluegrass Basketball
For more Kentucky high school updates, follow @BluegrassBball on Twitter

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