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February 13, 2017
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February 16, 2017
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Deflated Orange

A few takeaways from the beatdown of Tennessee.

Fox is back to 90%…
It is not a coincidence that the Cats’ recent slide occurred while Fox was battling not only an ankle injury but an illness which resulted in practice and playing time being missed. Fans learned during his interview with Mike Pratt following the game that he is now suffering from tendonitis in the healthy (?) ankle due to compensating for the injured ankle. The Cats need a healthy Fox and it showed last night. In order to compete for a championship, a team must have a star point guard. Remember Kimba Walker?

Speaking of Fox…
Once the Cats took control of the game the topic of Fox’s hairstyle became the focus of social media. Was it a man bun? Was it just a blowout? Personally, I like the idea of the man bun. I cannot think of another program where hair can cause so much discussion among fans. Remember when Willie decided to try being a blonde? Fox’s mom expressed her nonapproval so I would bet he will return to his other famous hairstyle on Saturday.

When Willis is “hot” it changes the game….
Willis found his groove last night at Rupp. His confidence grew as the game progressed which opens the lane up for Briscoe and Fox. When he is on his game we are a championship team. The only problem is the fact the Willis is as predictable as Kentucky weather.

Dominque will be missed…
During post game interviews Dominique answered questions about his career at Kentucky. He talked about his friendship with Willis and what his last game at Rupp will be like. He says he is not one to cry but I guarantee he will be flashing that smile when he stands before the crowd of 24,000 as the Kentucky faithful say goodbye to one of their own.

Say goodbye to ice cream I found brisket nachos….
I had heard rumors that the brisket nachos at Rupp were worth the wait. Thanks to a friend, I indulged last night and was not disappointed. In fact, I was elated. Top them off with jalapeños, sour cream and barbecue sauce and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Get in line early, they sell out quick.


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