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I’m From Covington… Y’all Don’t Even Know

Photo: Andrew Bishop,

This picture means more to me than anyone will ever know. As the title reads, “I’m from Covington… y’all don’t even know“, the opportunity that I’ve been given to cover Kentucky Athletics truly is an amazing story.

Now, this article isn’t going to be a ‘look at me and what I’ve gone through to get to where I’m at‘ article. This is going to be an honest article about how you can do most anything you set your mind to. I believe that. So should you. With the SEC tournament starting this week… I reminisce on the childhood memories of the SEC Tournament I’ve had in the past. Turner in 98… Padgett in 99… Prince in 2001… Bogans in 2003… I could go on and on. In the past I’ve always watched the SEC tourney with my family as Kentucky athletics really do bring the family together. This year… I plan to do the same, however, with Cameron Mills Radio… there are opportunities for me to attend Kentucky events such as the tournament. The picture above was taken at the Kansas game this year (which was amazing to cover despite the loss). The idea of little ol’ me from the COV covering the Kansas game for Kentucky-great Cameron Mills… is just a beautiful blessing that words truly cannot describe.

You see… my journey covering Kentucky athletics started out in a contest to try and land on KSTV as a co-host.

I didn’t win the Contest, however, the winner couldn’t fulfill the contract, so a free lance opportunity opened up for me. That free lance opportunity led to a full-time job with CN|2 which was an amazing opportunity and blessing. Once the job and free lance opportunity expired… that led me to Cameron Mills Radio. People like Matt Jones, TJ Beisner, and Cameron Mills all have helped me live out this dream that as a kid I thought was only a dream. As a kid… Kentucky was a majestic team that I saw on the box TV in our little home, and the thought of attending a game was mind-blowing. I attended a few games growing up, but the thought of actually sitting court side, taking pictures, or even writing about this majestic team… was just a dream. This whole thing… wasn’t supposed to actually happen. Now that it has… I pray and I hope that I can use the opportunity to share with the Big Blue Nation the whole experience as I experience it. God has really opened up some doors that I don’t deserve to even step into… but by His grace and mercy… I’m here.

From pep talks, to tailgates, to filming Benny Snell give a personal message to the Big Blue Nation… all of this has been an amazing journey. I want to note though… as special as it is covering a game… watching a game with family and friends (truthfully) is even more special. I mean that. The memories of watching games as a kid are easy to remember, because of the people I was cheering loud and crying with. As a media member… you’re asked to be unbiased, so cheering is a no-no. Essentially what I’m saying is… I cannot act like how I did below when I’m covering a game:

So as you watch the SEC Tournament this weekend and cheer on the Cats… remember, you really can do most anything you set your mind to. I set my mind to cover Kentucky and throughout the whole journey (despite some lows)… I’ve still been able to cover Kentucky. I didn’t lose hope when doors kept closing. I kept praying and putting myself out there… and doors kept opening.

Root home the Wildcats as we want another Championship this weekend, but more importantly take in the moment with family… friends… or even by yourself. Cheer loud and proud… and as you do… look around… smile… and realize that the moment around you… is… special.


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